Master of Psychoanalytic Studies

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2015 course information

Award granted Master of Psychoanalytic Studies
Duration1.5 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin course codeA750

This course is pipelining from 2011.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Master of Psychoanalytic Studies is intended for graduates interested in a systematic study of psychoanalysis. You will acquire specialist knowledge of the theory and practice of psychoanalysis. The course will be of interest to professionals in the field of mental health as well as to students and professionals in disciplines that incorporate psychoanalytic insights and methodology such as philosophy, women's studies, gender studies, history, literature and cultural studies.

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Course rules

To qualify for the Master of Psychoanalytic Studies, a student must successfully complete 12 credit points of study comprising:

  • 4 credit points of core units; and
  • 8 credit points of electives selected from the specified list of units below

The dissertation component (AIX702 and AIX703) provides a research pathway for students to apply for admission to PhD.

Course structure

Core units

ASP763 Freud and Philosophy - final year of offer 2012

Offered every year:

ALL755The Other Side of the World: Literature of Sadness - The Body - Mind in Crisis

ASP762Sexual Identity From Freud to Lacan

Offered in alternate years: 2015, 2017

ASP764 Psychoanalysis, Culture and Art - final year of offer 2014

ASP766 Introduction to Lacan - final year of offer 2014

Offered in alternate years: 2016, 2018

ASP765 Psychoanalysis, Groups and Organisations - final year of offer 2013

ASP701 Techniques of Psychoanalysis - final year of offer 2014

ASP769 Psychoanalysis and Science - final year of offer 2014

Research units

AIX702Dissertation A

AIX703Dissertation B