Graduate Certificate of Education (Special Educational Needs)

Course summary for current students

Year2015 course information
Award granted Graduate Certificate of Education (Special Educational Needs)
Duration 0.5 year full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin course codeE544


(i) This is an exit only course.

(ii) Students who enrolled in 2012 and earlier years are asked to contact the Faculty Student Services Office for enrolment advice.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Graduate Certificate of Education (Special Educational Needs) is an exit only pathway from the Master of Education (Special Educational Needs). The course allows teachers and other professionals to gain credit for units completed should they elect not to complete that masters course.

(Note: The Graduate Certificate or Education (Special Educational Needs) is not VIT endorsed. Applicants who require eligibility for employment in Victorian special schools need to complete the Master of Education (Special Educational Needs), which includes the required supervised teaching component.)

Teaching methods

Students receive instructional materials through CloudDeakin, CD-ROM and website links and some print materials interaction with lecturers is provided through use of CloudDeakin, email and telephone.

Fees and charges

Unit fees can be viewed within individual unit descriptions. You can search for a unit using the Unit Search.

Please be aware:

  • Fees are calculated on a per unit basis
  • Fees charged will depend on the individual units chosen
  • Fees per unit/credit point may increase annually due to rises in the cost of course delivery and services

Course rules

The exit course requires the completion of 4 credit points from the list below:

Course structure

Students must complete any 2 credit points from the following:

EEI714Individualised Program Planning

ECP703Child Protection

EXE732Social Justice and Difference

EEI715Effective Classroom Management: Positive Learning Environments

Plus a further 2 credit points from the following:

ESP701Education and Development of Exceptional Learners

ESM701Teaching Mathematics Successfully

EEL702New and Traditional Literacies and Diverse Student Needs

ESP703Student Welfare and Discipline Issues