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Sociology - unit set code MJ-A000019

Sociology is the study of society and social relations. Thinking sociologically allows the individual to step outside the taken for granted processes of everyday living towards examining the processes which create, maintain and change social groups in society.
On successful completion of the Sociology major sequence, students should have the following discipline-specific skills:

  • an ability to explain key sociological concepts such as socialisation, modernity, postmodernity, gender, social class, race and ethnicity; an ability to identify core theoretical understandings in sociology
  • an ability to apply sociological analysis to a range of contemporary issues such as health, family life, deviance and the media
  • an ability to understand conflict, cohesion and social change in societies
  • an ability to explain the systems, practices and technologies of control and their historical transformation in Western cultures
  • an ability to recognise the impact of social policy on social life
  • an ability to critically assess the work of other social researchers.

Level 1

Trimester 1

ASC101 Introduction to Sociology A (B, G, W, X)  

Trimester 2
ASC102 Introduction to Sociology B (B, G, W, X)  

Level 2 and 3

Select 6 credit points, including compulsory core units ASC308 and ASC250 and 2 level 3 units from the following:

Trimester 1
ASC246/ASC346 Sociology of the Media and Popular Culture (B, G, X)  

ASC308 Sociology and the Modern World (B, G, X)  (core unit)

ASC320 Sex, Crime and Justice in An Electronic Age (ONLINE)  *

ASC207 Consumer Society and Sustainable Futures (B, X)  **

Trimester 2

ASC304 Culture and Control: Boundaries and Identities (B, G, X)  

ASC206/ASC306 Sociology of Health (G, X)  

ASC233 International Migration and Multicultural Societies (B, G, X)  

ASC250 Social Research: An Introduction (B, G, X)  (core unit)

ASC287/ASC387 Love, Sex and Relationships (B, G, W, X)  


Trimester 2

ASC321 Sociology Internship (B, G, W)   ***


Note: The following may be taken in addition to the prescribed major sequence.

Trimester 1 (B, G, W, X) or trimester 3 (X)

ASC160 Introduction to University Study (B, G, W, X)  



Trimester 3

ASC270/ASC370 Sociology and the Law (X)  


* ASC320 is offered in the wholly online teaching mode - there will be no face to face teaching.

**  ASC207 to commence Trimester 1 2013.

*** ASC321 - Internship units are normally undertaken in third level (or equivalent) and are subject to completion of specified prerequisite units and special application requirements. Interested students should contact Arts and Education Student Support and Enrolment Enquiries on their campus for further information.

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