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Webmedia - unit set code MJ-A000054 - for continuing students only

The Webmedia major sequence offers students an introduction to communication technologies: through application in web design, web journalism, web public relations, web photography and web advertising.

The major is completed with a media and communication internship in the regional community with a newspaper, TV broadcast studio, local government, real estate and property development, retail marketing, retirement village PR, advertising agency, gallery, information centres or schools.

On successful completion of the Webmedia major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • an ability to identify, research, write and construct stories suitable for print and online media
  • an ability to interview for print and online media and select material for inclusion in stories
  • ability to understand photographic practices and principles, applicable to traditional and online communication mediums

Students must select 8 credit points from the following list of units, including a minimum of 2 credit points at level 2 and 2 credit points at level 3:

Year 1

ACG101 Design Fundamentals (no longer avaiable for enrolment)

ALC101 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning (Final year of offer 2014)

ALJ111News Reporting 1

ALC102 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of New Media (Final year of offer 2014)

Level 2

ACI203Photographic Practice

ACG204Design and Society

ALJ217Editing and Design

ALR206Social Media Public Relations ***

Level 3

ACC317Communication and Creative Arts Internship A

ACC318Communication and Creative Arts Internship B

ALC314Advertising: Designing Desires **

** ALC314 offered via cloud (online) teaching mode only. There will be no face to face teaching.

*** The Burwood (Melbourne) campus offering of ALR206 is restricted to A325 and A328 course enrolled students only.

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