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Australian Studies - unit set code MJ-A000012

The Australian studies major sequence comprehensively examines major debates in Australian society in its global contexts. At each level, students are encouraged to explore a range of sources from popular culture to politics and policy.

On successful completion of the Australian Studies major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • an ability to reconstruct/explain social, political and cultural events;
  • an ability to relate the global/international and the Australian;
  • an ability to recognise the impact of the Australian past on the present;
  • an ability to analyse change today and place contemporary issues and debates in context;
  • an ability to incorporate a reflective perspective; that is, to illustrate the range of opinions between different scholars and disciplines on the subject and how and why interpretations have differed;
  • an ability to evaluate media coverage of current political debates such as those over citizenship/identity and Indigenous issues;
  • an ability to appreciate social, class, ethnic, cultural and gender differences;
  • an ability to study Australian society from and interdisciplinary perspective.


Level 1

Core Units
Trimester 1

AIA104 Australian Identities: Indigenous and Multicultural (B, G, W, X)  (Final year of offer 2013)

AIA106 Populate Or Perish: Australia's People   (Commencing 2014)

AIA200 Resistance and Revival: 20th Century Indigenous Australians   (Commencing 2014)


Trimester 2

AIA105 Visions of Australia: Time and Space From 1700 to 2010 (B, G, W, X)  

AIA300 Australia's Asia: From Yellow Peril to Asian Century (B, X)  (Commencing 2013)


And a selection of four other units, including at least 1 unit from each levels 2 and 3, from the following:
Trimester 1

AAM219 Contemporary Australian Cinema (B, W)  *

AIH205 Sex and Gender in History (B, G, X)  

AIH337 Race, Science and Religion in Australasia 1860s to 1920s (B, G, X)  

Trimester 2

AIH288 Exploring Australia's Indigenous Pasts (B, G, X)  

AIH238 Australia and the Two World Wars (B, G)  

AIP204 Politics and the Media (B, G, W, X)  

ASC304 Culture and Control: Boundaries and Identities (B, G, X)  

ASS330 Human Possibilities in the Age of Digital Communication (G, X)  


* AAM219 also offered on campus at Burwood only in trimester 3


Trimester 3

ALL379 Representing Australia (ONLINE)  

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