Bachelor of Contemporary Arts - Drama

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Details of major sequences

Drama major sequence

This major sequence provides skills in contemporary drama practices and perspectives, together with an understanding of their application in a wide range of artistic and social contexts. It includes acting theory and practice, performance styles and processes, theatre history, text studies, community theatre and technical studies.

On successful completion of the Drama major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • an ability to develop individual vocal technique and voice production
  • an ability to understand and respond to the technical, expressive and/or compositional demands of a range of performance styles and genres
  • an ability to successfully achieve performance realisation based on chosen compositional and performance strategies
  • an ability to analyse, compose and collaborate in order to build effective relationships between actor, director, designer and writer in processes of performance realisation.

Level 1

ACP101Performance Laboratory (A): Time, Space, Frame

ACP177Genre and Performance

Level 2

ACP205Performance, Image, Site

ACP206Performance, Authenticity, Adaption

ACP280Major Performance Project: Page to Stage (2 credit points)

Level 3

ACP323Out of the Box: Theatre in Alternative Contexts

ACP378Out of the Ether: Devised Theatre (2 credit points)

Note: The following units may also be taken in addition to the prescribed major sequence.

ACC317Communication and Creative Arts Internship A

ACC318Communication and Creative Arts Internship B

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