Bachelor of Contemporary Arts - Media Arts

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Animation and Digital Culture

The Animation and Digital Culture major sequence offers the opportunity to develop a moving image, graphic and animation practice within the expanding digital domain. Students will explore digital animation production and publication options that include web, CD and DVD publication possibilities, and develop the skills to work with and manage such technologies effectively. Students are encouraged to develop skills in all aspects and types of animation production and learn to write and think analytically about such creative work.

On completion of the Animation and Digital Culture major sequence students should have the following skills:

  • an ability to implement and manage all stages of production of a professional digital animation project.
  • an ability to develop a unique production path for a digital project for a variety of publication platforms.
  • an ability to think and write effectively about innovative moving image animation work and digital culture.
  • an ability to use advanced digital image production technologies.
  • an ability to work in collaborative and team settings on graphic moving image tasks.
  • an ability to work efficiently to deadlines in an industrial setting.

Level 1

AMC100Animation Narratives (formerly ACM132)

AMC104Principles of Character Animation (formerly ACM133)

Level 2

AMC203Effects, Graphics and Compositing (formerly ACM225)

ACM226 Internet Arts (final year of offer 2013)

AMC200Digital Animation (final offer 2015) (formerly ACM239)

Level 3

AMC300Pre-Production & Project Pitch (formerly ACM327)

ACC317Communication and Creative Arts Internship A

ACC318Communication and Creative Arts Internship B

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