Bachelor of Film and Digital Media

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Course structure

Animation Core units - unit set code MJ-AU00011

Level 1

AMC1023D WORLD BUILDING (formerly ACM138)

AMC100Animation Narratives (formerly ACM132)

AMC104Principles of Character Animation (formerly ACM133)

Level 2

AMC203Effects, Graphics and Compositing (formerly ACM225)

AMC200Digital Animation (final year of offer 2015) (formerly ACM239)

AMC2043D Character Animation (formerly ACM240)

Level 3

AMC300Pre-Production & Project Pitch (formerly ACM327)

ACC316Collaborative Major Creative Project (2 credit points) (Final year of offer 2015)

The following units are also available in addition to the major sequence:

ACC317Communication and Creative Arts Internship A

ACC318Communication and Creative Arts Internship B

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