Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Note: You are seeing the 2014 view of this course information. These details may no longer be current.

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2 first-level discipline units

Discipline units are to be taken from faculties other than Education in the Foundation (first) level of the course. A list of possible units is shown below, however students may select from a range of units from across the university. Units may not be offered every level at regional campuses. Students also have the option to build expertise to meet the requirements for teaching in a specialist discipline area in Primary Levels (P-6) or the Middle Levels (7-10).

Trimester 1 units

ACD101Introduction to Contemporary Dance Practice A

ACP101Principles of Live Performance

ACV101Studio Art: Painting A

AIA106Populate Or Perish: Australia's People (Commencing 2014.)

AIB151Arabic 1A

AIC181Chinese 1A

AIC281Chinese 2A

AIC283Chinese 2C

AIF146The Language, Culture and People of Indonesia

AIF241Formal and Informal Indonesian A

AIH107World History Between the Wars 1919 - 1939

ALC101Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning

ALJ111Contemporary Journalism A

ALL101The Stories We Tell: Inventing Selves and Others

ALL153Literature for Children and Young Adults

ALW117Writing for Professional Practice

ASC101Introduction to Sociology A

ELL101Language: Speech and Sounds

HBS107Understanding Health

HBS109Human Structure and Function

HBS110Health Behaviour

HDS101Communication and Diversity

HPS111Psychology A: Fundamentals of Human Behaviour

SLE111Cells and Genes

SLE133Chemistry in Our World

SIT101Fundamentals of Information Technology

SIT161Principles of Interactive Media

SIT192Discrete Mathematics

SLE144Aquatic Life

SLE151Biodiversity: A Global Perspective

SLE121Environmental Sustainability

SLE136History of Life

SLE105Aquatic Pollution

Trimester 2 units

ACD102Introduction to Contemporary Dance Practice B

ACP177Modern and Postmodern Drama

ACV102Studio Art: Painting B

AIA105Visions of Australia: Time and Space From 1700 to 2010

AIB152Arabic 1B

AIC182Chinese 1B

AIC282Chinese 2B

AIC284Chinese 2D

AIF142Conversational Indonesian B

AIF242Formal and Informal Indonesian B

AIH108The World After the War: 1945 - 1991

ALC102Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of New Media

ALJ112Contemporary Journalism B

ALL102From Horror to Romance: Genre and Its Obsessions

ALL154Power Politics and Texts for Young People

ASC102Introduction to Sociology B

ELL102Language: Words and Structure

HBS110Health Behaviour

HDS106Diversity, Disability and Social Exclusion

HPS121Psychology B: Individual and Social Development

HSE102Functional Human Anatomy

SLE132Biology: Form and Function

SLE155Chemistry for the Professional Sciences

SIT103Introduction to Database Design

SIT162Interactive Media Systems

SIT194Introduction to Mathematical Modelling

SLE161Aquaculture and the Environment

SLE114Introduction to Parks and Wildlife Conservation

* SLE133, SLE155 - First year Chemistry units have changed from 2013.  Students to please contact Student Services for unit advice.

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