Bachelor of Computer Science

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Data Science - unit set code MJ-S000060

Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

Data analytics is an integral part of decision making in all sectors of the society: business, finance, government, medicine, research and beyond. The Data Science major sequence provides you with the skills and knowledge that are essential for data analytics professionals. You will learn the theory, methodologies, and techniques that allow you to interpret datasets and uncover hidden patterns in order to make predictions, draw conclusions, drive successful initiatives, and make better decisions. Particular focus will be paid to meaningful analyses in the face of huge amounts of data, where traditional approaches may be impractical.

Subject areas include a wide spectrum of analytics: data science concepts, statistics and data analysis, computational decision analysis, data mining and machine learning, and advanced data science.


SIT191Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

SIT112Data Science Concepts

SIT208Advanced Data Science *

SIT292Linear Algebra for Data Analysis

SIT399Computational Decision Analysis

SIT307Data Mining and Machine Learning ^

* available from 2016

^ available from 2017

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