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Mechatronics and Robotics - unit set code MJ-S000040

Mechatronics and robotics is combined in one degree at Deakin, providing a broader based course and offering wider career choices. The course combines electronics, mechanical and robotics engineering, with mechanical and robotics featuring more strongly than in other programs. It offers studies in autonomous systems, robotic system design and industrial communication design. The course is tailored to industry needs and has close links through strong research programs, cutting-edge technology and facilities, and project-based learning. Students can access state-of-the-art robotics systems and program industrial robots, and through their final-level projects, gain an introduction to the emerging haptics research area. Graduates can be employed as electronic control systems engineers or robotics engineers, and work in areas including factory control, automation, and control system design.

Level 1

Trimester 1

SEB121Engineering Practice

SED102Engineering Graphics and CAD

SEP101Engineering Physics

SIT199Applied Algebra and Statistics

SEE010Safety Induction Program

Note: SEE010 is a 0 credit safety induction unit.

Trimester 2

SIT172Programming for Engineers

SIT194Introduction to Mathematical Modelling

SEE103Electrical Systems

SEM111Engineering Materials 1

Level 2

Trimester 1

SEP291Engineering Modelling

SEE202Digital Electronics

SEE206Measurement and Instrumentation

SEM223Engineering Mechanics

Trimester 2

SEB223The Professional Environment for Engineers and Scientists

SEE215Microcontroller Principles

SEM222Stress Analysis

SEE208Modern Power Generation Systems Design

Level 3

Trimester 1

SEE320Microcontroller System Design

SEE321Electro-Mechanical Systems

SEE325Robotics and Applications

SEM327Unit description is currently unavailable

Trimester 2

SEE326Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Systems

SEB324Project Management

SEE344Control Engineering

SEE312Electronic Data Communications

Level 4

Trimester 1

SEE426Robotic System Design

SEJ441Unit description is currently unavailable

SEM433Mechatronic Design

Engineering elective

Trimester 2

SEJ446Unit description is currently unavailable (2cps)

SEE412Unit description is currently unavailable

SEP490Engineering Work Experience

Engineering elective

Note: SEP490 - 0 credit points, available in trimester 1, 2 and 3

Highly recommended electives:

SET401Advanced Topics in Engineering 1

SET402Advanced Topics in Engineering 2

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