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AIP783 - Rethinking Democracy

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Year2016 unit information
Enrolment modes:Trimester 1: Cloud (online)
Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:B Isakhan




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As a principle, democracy has never been more popular. For those who have it, democracy offers a grab-bag of rights and freedoms not found in other regime types; for those who want it, democracy holds the promise of a better life free from the constraints of oppressive forms of power. But where does democracy come from and what challenges loom ahead for this sophisticated form of governance? This unit invites students to challenge their assumption about the nature, history and contemporary practise of democracy – both in the “West” and elsewhere. It provides an alternative narrative about the complex and contested history of democracy and offers nuanced insights into some of the greatest challenges facing democracy today such as: Islam and democracy; democracy and “mixed regimes”; new theories of democracy; and questions about its future.


Worksheets and exercises, equivalent to 1750 words, 35%

Research essay proposal, 750 words, 15%

Research essay, 2500 words, 50%

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All Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), fee paying undergraduate and pre-2016 commencing students

Unit fee information available soon

2016 commencing International and full fee paying postgraduate domestic students

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