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EEO410 - Learners Inquiring in and About Their World: Human Disciplines

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Offering information:

This unit commences in 2015

Enrolment modes:

(B, G, W)


Trimester 1

EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:D Bateman
Campus contact:

D Bateman (B), L Preston (G), B Walker-Gibbs (W)




Students must be enrolled in course E359

Incompatible with:


Contact hours:

3 hours per week - 1 lecture and 1 tutorial


This unit focuses on the curriculum development of Humanities, Societies and Environments learning within a primary classroom, where learners and teachers are positioned as inquirers in the world. In this unit, we focus on the ways in which Geography, History, Futures Education, Economics and Enterprise can be taught in creative and innovative ways. We also build upon the Civics and Citizenship developed in the previous unit. These included Indigenous perspectives, Asian perspectives, Global perspectives and Environmental perspectives. Whereas in the previous unit, professional learning focussed on HSE resources, in this unit, inquiry pedagogies and sustained engagement for rich learning are investigated.


Sustaining students inquiries and learning in HSE, 2000 words, 50%

Sustaining professional inquiries and learning in HSE, 50%


Hurdle requirement - Two days of field experience. Observations of, and participation within cultural institutions, pre-service teachers identify opportunities for school and community partnerships in learning. Furthermore, students will identify the ways in which disciplinary learning is presented through the use of structured artefacts and sources of data. Students will be required to document these 2 days in their Field Day Portfolio

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