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EXE401 - Professional Relationships

Unit details

Year2016 unit information
Enrolment modes:Trimester 1: Burwood (Melbourne), Warrnambool, Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Cohort rule:

(For continuing students enrolled in courses D344, D347, E359, E377 only or equivalent – students commencing 2007 or later should take unit EEE401)

Unit chair:A Marshall




Incompatible with: EEE401, EEE505, EXE505


This unit seeks to deepen understanding of the teaching task through the study of professional relationships within the school and the place of schools in the wider social, economic and political context. The key concept is professionalism as both individual and collegial practice. The unit is concerned with respecting and valuing difference and issues of social justice. The factors influencing the changing nature of teaching as a profession are surveyed. The focus is on the collegial and ethical responsibilities of being a professional educator and lifelong learner in rapidly changing environments. The unit will include development of understanding of self as a professional and of what professionalism means in practice; the use of case studies to explore ethical practice, collegiality, inclusivity and social justice; planning in a collegial, whole school community and system context; the relationship of professional practice and school level policies to forms of governance, system policies and wider social and economic policies; and interpersonal, and professional communication skills.


General background: Entry into the teaching profession in Victoria requires registration with the AITSL (Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership) of which the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) is a jurisdictional sector. AITSL has established a set of seven Standards for Graduating Teachers that reflect the set of eight Standards for Graduating Teachers previously established by VIT. In both, the Standards fall within three broad themes (namely Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement) that seek to describe what a beginning teacher should know and be able to do upon graduation. We will be focusing on the VIT Standards as these will to the best of our knowledge be the ones in which Victorian Schools are more likely to retain focus on.Your ability to demonstrate and provide evidence of meeting these standards forms a critical basis upon which to draw when responding to key selection criteria for teaching or related positions and responding to questions in the interview situation.

The assessment items for EEE401/EXE401 ask you to demonstrate and provide evidence of your development toward fulfilling the Standards within the Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement themes. As you undertake the assessment items you will be both clarifying and developing your understanding of the standards within the themes as well as how they are intimately related. Through the gathering and presentation of your evidence of enactment of your plans you will build items that will form the basis of an interview portfolio which will be a task EEE/EXE402.


Task 1


Conduct and provide evidence of having undertaken a reflective audit of your attributes in relation all eight VIT Standards. In consultation with your mentor identify two attributes for development over the trimester and formulate a plan of action to bring that development about. Identify the evidence you will collect to verify you have undertaken your plans and the development you seek. A compulsory part of this task is to consult with your mentor on your audit, on the attributes you are to develop and on your plan of action.

30% equivalent to 1200 words


Task 2


Part A Develop an electronic presentation that:

  • could be incorporated into your professional portfolio
  • demonstrates your developed practices in relation to the two attributes
  • identified in Task 1
  • includes evidence (proof) of the enactment of your plan for both attributes
  • identifies the specific development made in your practice
  • provides evidence (proof) of these practices. 

A second compulsory aspect of this task is to undertake and provide evidence of interaction, consultation and reflection on your development with your supervising teacher and/or other professionals.

45% equivalent to 1800 words


Part B Provide a short reflective description, with supporting evidence, of your professional engagement with the unit both within and outside of University. This should include reflections on your participation and contribution to:

  • teams in all settings
  • a range of activities such as:

- mentor groupsmeetings

- seminars

- PD activities

- school camps

- in school and after school events

- the development of professional relationships through consultation with professionals.

25% equivalent to 1000 words

Unit Fee Information

All Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), fee paying undergraduate and pre-2016 commencing students

Unit fee information available soon

2016 commencing International and full fee paying postgraduate domestic students

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