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SLE735 - Industrial Applications of Science

Unit details

Note: You are seeing the 2013 view of this unit information. These details may no longer be current.
Enrolment modes:(G)
Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:M Muralitharan


Contact hours:

3 x 1 hour lectures and 1 x 1 hour tutorial class per week. Students may be required to take 1 x 8 hour field trips per trimester.


Online teaching methods require internet access. Please refer to the most current computer specifications.


This unit will focus on the relationship between science and modern-day commercial activity, with emphasis on emerging industries and service sectors. Case studies in biotechnology will be used to provide a foundation for understanding the relationship between small-scale laboratory science and large-scale product production. The unit will examine microbiological and recombinant DNA technology in agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, marine and food-based industries, and the research being done in applied research institutes and industry. Topics will include, but are not limited to: microbial synthesis of commercial products including solid state production; bioremediation and other environmental applications including genetic engineering of biodegradative pathways; molecular diagnostics including immunological procedures, DNA diagnostic systems, and molecular diagnosis of genetic disease, recombinant DNA technologies in agriculture including increased resistance of plants to insects, pathogens, herbicides and environmental stresses, and plants as bioreactors; and the regulation of biotechnology; genetically modified foods, regulations, benefits and risks of biotechnology, transgenic animals, recombinant growth hormones, gene transformation techniques, genomics, gene mapping, gene therapy and diagnostics.


Final examination 50%, two essays 40%, oral presentation 10%

Unit Fee Information

Student Contribution Rate*Student Contribution Rate**Fee rate - Domestic Students Fee rate - International students

* Rate for all CSP students, except for those who commenced Education and Nursing units pre 2010
** Rate for CSP students who commenced Education and Nursing units pre 2010
Please note: Unit fees listed do not apply to Deakin Prime students.

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