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Handbooks 2009

Contacts and sources of further information

Deakin Central (Customer Service)

Geelong campus at Waurn Ponds
Building jb, Level 2
Telephone 03 5227 2333

Geelong Waterfront campus
Level 2 (Opposite bookshop)
Telephone 03 5227 2333

Melbourne campus at Burwood
Building he, Level 2
Room 1
Telephone 03 9244 6333

Warrnambool campus
Building B
Level 1
Telephone 03 5563 3333
(previous W'bool location was Building D, Level 2)

Deakin Central is a one-stop-shop, providing students with services and information regarding:

  • official academic transcripts
  • enrolment
  • fee queries
  • fee payments (except Melbourne campus at Burwood)
  • parking permits
  • IT services
  • Deakin Card queries
  • assessments queries
  • graduations queries
Office hours
Geelong campus at Waurn Ponds: 8.30 am - 5.00 pm each weekday, with the exception of Wednesday, when it is open 9.30 am - 5.00 pm.
Melbourne campus at Burwood: First and Second trimester:
Monday: 8.30 am - 6.00 pm
Tuesday - Friday: 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Third trimester and trimester breaks
8.30 am - 5.00 pm each weekday, with the exception of Wednesday, when it is open 9.30 am - 5.00 pm.
Geelong Waterfront campus: 8.45 am - 1.00 pm each weekday, with the exception of Wednesday, when it is open 9.30 am - 1.00 pm.
Warrnambool campus: 10.00 am - 12.30 pm, 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm each weekday.

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Deakin International

Deakin International is the division responsible for leadership and coordination of the University's international activities. These include:

  • Marketing of the University internationally to recruit international students for both on and off-campus study.
  • Managing and coordinating the international student recruitment and application process.
  • Managing study abroad and student exchange programs (incoming and outgoing).
  • Supporting the development of the University's international partnerships (with the Academic Partnerships and International Relations Office).
  • Providing English language preparation programs to international students through the Deakin University English Language Institute, either as a pathway to tertiary study or as a stand-alone activity.

Deakin International also provides relevant information for international students wishing to study in Australia, including information on: admission requirements (including English language requirements), pre-departure preparation, courses and fees, accommodation, study abroad programs, IELTS-testing and the Deakin University English Language Institute.

Further information can be obtained on the Deakin International website .

For administrative support for international students, please contact the Division of Student Administration.

For academic and personal support for international students, please contact the Division of Student Life

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Deakin University Art Gallery and Art Collection

The Deakin University Art Collection comprises 1500 diverse artworks principally by Australian contemporary artists which are circulated and displayed on the University's four campuses throughout Victoria. The Collection is administered by the Deakin University Art Collection and Galleries unit, Melbourne campus at Burwood.

The exhibition program is presented through the Deakin University Art Gallery (formerly known as ICON Museum of Art) on the Melbourne campus at Burwood.

The Deakin University Art Gallery on the Melbourne campus at Burwood provides an exciting additional venue for the University's expanding program of exhibitions and arts events. The gallery provides substantial space and facilities for professionally curated exhibitions drawn from the University's art collection, group and solo exhibitions by significant contemporary artists, travelling exhibitions and selected student, staff and alumni work.

Through a vibrant exhibition program and a distinctive University Art Collection, Deakin University Art Collection and Galleries are committed to providing a focus for current cultural and intellectual scholarship, research and professional practice, while delivering a dynamic visual arts focus for the University both nationally and internationally.

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Deakin University Student Association (DUSA)

Enquiries and general assistance
Telephone 1300 555 528 (from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call)

If you have concerns, enquiries or wish to discuss education issues please contact your student faculty representative or campus coordinator.

Geelong campus at Waurn Ponds
Fred Jevons Building
Telephone 03 5227 3322
Fax 03 5227 3319
Geelong Waterfront campus
Level 1
Telephone 03 5227 8033
Fax 03 5227 8030
Melbourne campus at Burwood
Building A
Telephone 03 9244 6356
Fax 03 9888 8796
Warrnambool campus
Building H2-3
Telephone 03 5563 3378
Fax 03 5563 3532

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Division of Student Administration

This Division is responsible for student administration matters within the University. These include: course inquiries; admission; enrolment and re-enrolment; maintenance of student records; provision of Commonwealth Assistance Notices; issuing of invoices and receipt of payments; support for off-campus students; conduct of university examinations; tracking of assignments; administration of scholarships and graduation ceremonies.

Division of Student Life-services for students

A comprehensive range of services is available to assist all students achieve their personal, academic and career goals and enjoy their whole of university experience. Students are advised to contact the Division of Student Life if they want advice or information on study issues, career direction or staying at the university. Additionally the Division of Student Life offers a range of study skills to meet the academic expectations of Deakin University and provides help with getting part-time work via the Jobshop. Detailed information can be accessed through the Division of Student Life website.

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Facilities Management Services Division

Facilities Management Services Division provides a range of services to the University in the areas of space management, building maintenance, building operations, campus development, security and parking.

Facilities Management Services Division aims to provide a high level of service to the Deakin University community. The Division has a service level agreement with the Chief Operating Officer which details the level of service to be provided in each aspect of its operations which are centrally funded.

Financial and Business Services Division

The Financial and Business Services Division is an administrative division responsible for financial accounting, commercial operations, risk management and insurance.

Cashier Offices accept payments by cash (max $1000), cheque, EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa and Deakin Card for items including the following:

  • key/access card deposits
  • learning materials i.e. manuals, books, notes, instruments, kits
  • library fines
  • parking permits
  • registrations for conferences, workshops, dinners
  • student loans
  • student residence applications
  • study tours, field trips, excursions, camps
  • tuition fees (excluding cash)
  • vaccinations.

A number of additional services are provided to meet student needs:

  • travel insurance (limited to University-related travel)
  • authorised signatories for statutory declarations
  • car rental for students at corporate discount prices.
Campus Location Hours Contact
Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds Level 3
Building jb
9am - 4pm Tel: (03) 522 71145
Geelong Waterfront Campus Level 2, Room D2.206 9am - 11:30am Tel: (03) 522 78102
Melbourne Campus at Burwood Level 2, Room 2.016
Building HE
9am - 4pm Tel: (03) 924 46984
Warrnambool Campus Level 3, Room 342
Building B
9am - 3pm Tel: (03) 556 33388

Human Resources Services Division

This administrative division manages the University's human resource requirements.

Information Technology Services Division

IT and computing
Many IT-related services are available and details of these can be found on the current students website in the IT and computing section. The Deakin Software Library website , which is available to all students, contains free software downloads to assist students with their studies.

Access to various computing and communication facilities is managed by the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) . For further information on ITSD and the support they offer to students, visit the IT and computing section of the current students website.

Online communication
Deakin University employs online technologies in many aspects of teaching and learning, student support, administration and general communication. Students are required to participate actively in the University's online communication networks by accessing the Deakin website and their Deakin email account on a regular basis.

Deakin Studies Online
Deakin Studies Online (DSO) is Deakin University's online teaching and learning environment which aims to enhance both on and off-campus learning. DSO delivers web-based course material and assessment tasks and facilitates communication and collaboration between staff and students.

Computer standards
Deakin University recommends minimum computer specifications for its students. While it is possible that many of the University's information technology services will function on a computer with a lower configuration, computers with less than the minimum specifications will not be supported.

Software Essentials
Software Essentials is a great resource that all 1st year off-campus, new off-campus and international students are sent with their enrolment pack. All other students can pick up a free copy of the DVD from campus Libraries, DSA, DUSA or the Disability Resource Centre. The Software Essentials DVD packages the free software downloads available from the Deakin Software Library.

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Institute of Koorie Education

Telephone 03 5227 2538
Fax 03 5227 2019


It is well known that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians continue to be under-represented in the Australian higher education sector. Deakin University seeks to redress this imbalance by offering an innovative and practical approach to the provision of educational services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Through its Institute of Koorie Education, a body enshrined in a Regulation of the University, Deakin University has established itself as an exemplary provider of higher education and educational services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students throughout Australia.

All courses are delivered through the Community-Based Learning model which provides a holistic approach to education. Community-Based Learning involves a combination of both on- and off-campus teaching, designed to enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to study without being removed from their communities for substantial periods of time. This model allows students to remain connected to their communities and actively continue to contribute to community life.

While on-campus, for one- to two-week intensive study blocks held three times per semester, students are provided with a teaching and learning environment that is inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ideologies and Knowledge Systems. Students are encouraged to demystify the dominant ideologies and theoretical perspectives, and interpret the western knowledge systems presented within their discipline area of study.

After completing a period of intensive on-campus study at the Institute, students return to their own communities. There they are supported by a number of responsive strategies including family, community visits by lecturing staff and some Information Communication Technology (ICT) resources.

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Deakin University Library provides services and access to resources to support your study and research. These services and resources, both physical and online, are constantly being developed to be convenient, timely and provide you with more choice.

A Library is located on each campus offering comfortable learning spaces for individual quiet study, group discussions and collaborative work. You can bring your own laptop and link to resources through the library-wide wireless network or use one of the many Library desktop computers.

Newly refurbished spaces in the Melbourne Campus at Burwood, and shortly the Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds, will provide more choices for group, informal or individual study in a relaxed, exciting environment.

Online you can connect to the Library's website and access an extensive range of online information, resources, and subject guides and other information to assist you in your study and research as well as searching the Library catalogue for access to books and journals.

Expert, professional library staff can provide assistance with a wide range of subject specific search tools to locate quality research and teaching resources. Subject specialist Liaison Librarians are available to assist HDR students and academic staff.

Assistance is available when you need it, in person in the library at service desks or from a roving student assistant, via email, phone and Live Help instant messaging.

For further information or assistance with Library resources please contact the Library:

Geelong + 61 3 5227 1200
Melbourne + 61 3 9244 6200
Warrnambool + 61 3 5563 3200



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Research Services

The responsibilities of this group include the central administration of higher degrees by research, research scholarships, grants, fellowships, and ethics in relation to research.


StudentConnect provides a direct link for students to their enrolment information, fee records, timetables, examination information, results and other details. StudentConnect is available both during and outside standard university hours to allow students the convenience of making administrative inquiries in their own time.

Where to find StudentConnect
StudentConnect is accessible directly or via the Deakin home page.

Facilities provided by StudentConnect
StudentConnect currently provides the following facilities:

  • Online enrolment, enrolment variations and re-enrolment for most courses
  • Course/unit inquiry: General details of previously enrolled, currently enrolled and/or intermitted course(s) and unit enrolment details
  • Confirmation of enrolment: Students who require proof of enrolment status (Austudy/Youth Allowance etc.) can download a Confirmation of Enrolment from StudentConnect
  • eCAF - electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form for Commonwealth supported students to request Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP. For full-fee students to request FEE-HELP
  • eCAN (Commonwealth Assistance Notice)-lists HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP liabilities for the current study period/trimester
  • Online Invoicing - get your current study period/trimester invoice and pay online or print to use POSTbillpay. Historical invoices can also be accessed online.
  • Fees and Payment: Fee assessment details, payment dates and fee payment via credit card
  • Examinations: Personalised examination timetables can be viewed
  • Results: Unit assessment results can be accessed through the 'results' page
  • Advanced standing: Details of any advanced standing granted towards a student's studies in a course at Deakin
  • Assignment monitoring: The status of assignments submitted by off-campus students through DSA can be viewed
  • Addresses: change postal and current home addresses, advise emergency contact details
  • Course completion: Students can confirm the details of the units they have completed and determine the units that are still required in order to complete their course
  • Graduations Inquiry and Ceremony Invitation
  • Newsboard: contains important information on upcoming events and deadlines

The Guide

The Guide is an electronic information service about the University, its legislation, organisation and governance as well as policies, procedures and other guidelines relevant to students and their studies. Various search functions enable users to search the entire Guide or each of its five individual sections.

University policies and regulations

The statutes, regulations, policies and procedures which govern the operation of Deakin University are available for viewing on The Guide and include information about:

  • Academic misconduct-Academic misconduct includes such acts as plagiarism and cheating.
  • Advanced standing-'Advanced standing' refers to credit granted towards a course at the University for relevant approved study, experience, or work satisfactorily completed at the University or elsewhere.
  • Assessment and academic progress-Academic progress refers to a student's progression through their course.
  • Complaints-The University recognises the right of students to make a complaint, and the University's student complaints policy and procedures are available on The Guide.
  • General misconduct-The University deems that a student shall have committed an act of general misconduct if they act in a manner that is detrimental to the University, such as causing damage to university property. Penalties may be imposed.

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Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

17th June 2011