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What is my home directory?

All Deakin students are provided with a home directory. This is a secure and backed up location for you to store files and material used in relation to your studies at Deakin University, and includes things such as assignments and course notes. Student home directories have a fixed quota size of 5 gigabytes. It is automatically set up each time you log onto the Deakin network using a Deakin Desktop workstation, including those in the computer labs. You can also access your home directory from your own personal laptop or computer (please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance).

What is a disk quota?

A disk quota provides a fixed and limited amount of storage. Disk quotas are assigned to home directories and mailboxes. By assigning quotas no single user or area can consume enough space to cause an outage to the system or impact other users. Quotas also allow Deakin eSolutions to ensure that University resources are distributed equitably across all areas.

To check how much of your assigned quota you are using on a Windows workstation, go to My Computer, right click on your home directory and select Properties. Once you reach your quota you will be unable to write any more data or files to the location and you may receive an error from the application you are using. If you reach your quota on your home directory you will also immediately be sent an email informing you that you have reached your quota and need to clean up files. You will also be sent a reminder email every 24 hours that you are over quota. If you reach your quota you should delete or archive any no longer used or old files to reduce the amount of space you are using.

Students will need to have any request for additional quota supported by a lecturer or supervisor, before submitting the request to the IT Service Desk.

How is file storage backed up?

Files stored in eSolutions home directories are backed up using a process called snapshotting. Snapshots are 'point in time' copies of your data that allow you to restore files that may have been lost or corrupted without requiring intervention from eSolutions support staff. Currently eSolutions takes snapshots of files stored in home directories and file shares on the following schedules:

  • Daily at 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm – retained for 24 hours
  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8 pm – retained for 2 weeks
  • Tuesday nights at 8 pm – retained for 4 weeks
  • Friday nights at 8 pm – retained for 6 weeks

How do I restore files?

To restore files from your home directory see the Home directory: saving and restoring files help sheet located on the eSolutions Publications website.

Temporary file storage available

*For Higher Degree by Research students only

For short-term backup requirements (e.g. when your workstation is being updated or replaced) you can create a Rapid Share. Rapid shares are temporary file shares for the storage of short-term data. This facility is available to Higher Degree by Research students only. Please note that backups are not taken of these shares.

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16th July 2013