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Website blocking frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why does Deakin block access to some websites?

The Conditions of Information Technology Use prohibit the display, storage or distribution of inappropriate material by users of the University's IT facilities.

How does website blocking work?

Requests for external webpages are compared to a commercial 'blacklist' of sites known to contain certain categories of content, such as pornography, adult content, online gaming and violence.

What is blocked at Deakin?

Deakin currently only blocks access to sites listed as containing pornography.

How do I know if I've tried to access a blocked site?

A 'Website access blocked due to inappropriate content' page will be displayed. This will tell you what to do if you believe the site has been incorrectly blocked.

What do I do if I need to access a blocked site for work or study?

Obtain agreement in writing (an email is fine) from your Lecturer for the Unit of Study that requires access to the site and log a service call with the IT Service Desk.

What happens after I request a site be unblocked?

Once the appropriate agreement has been obtained the site will be unblocked pending a review by the relevant member of the Senior Executive. If the reviewer deems the content to be inappropriate the site will be blocked again.

What if I disagree with the decision of the reviewer?

The IT Service Desk will pass your concern to the reviewer who will consult with the member of Senior Executive responsible for your area.

Is there a list of blocked sites?

The list of blocked sites is updated regularly but, with over 2 million entries, it is too long to reproduce.

Can I check if a site has been blacklisted in any category?

You can search for a site at

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29th August 2013