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Students with disability have a right to:

  • be consulted about their needs
  • enrol in courses and programs
  • participate in courses and programs (including relevant supplementary programs)
  • use services and facilities provided by the university including student support services on the same basis as those without disabilities.

They also have the right to:

  • the specialised services without which they would not be able to participate
  • the reasonable adjustments necessary to meet their needs
  • an environment which is free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Along with other students they also have a right to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • contribute in a meaningful way to the development and review of institutional policies, procedures and practices affecting their lives
  • be given the opportunity to develop skills which will enable them to obtain maximum benefit from the educational opportunities available to them.

All Deakin University students are required to comply with the University's policies and procedures, and with the Student Charter.

Students with disability also have a responsibility to:

  • make early contact with the university and be willing to discuss their specific requirements (with assistance if required) and share responsibility in negotiating adjustments that are required
  • use the services provided in an honest and fair manner
  • be proactive in advising institutions of the difficulties they encounter in accessing aspects of the life of the institution.

Contents of this page have been adapted in part from the ADCET factsheet Rights and Responsibilities of Staff and Students

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19th September 2011