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Jo Kelly

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Bachelor of Commerce

Why Deakin off-campus studies?
I live in Canberra and I work at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). I chose Deakin because I wanted to study off campus, and my research indicated Deakin was the best university offering a Commerce degree, that would satisfy all of the requirements for CPA/CA membership, as well as the qualifications necessary to become a Tax Agent down the track.

I enrolled in a Commerce degree because I wanted to further my career in accounting but I needed qualifications to back up my experience. I have been really surprised at just how much I have enjoyed my studies. What I thought would be a chore has turned into something interesting and challenging.

The trimester system is also an added bonus because it gives me more flexibility – I took a trimester off last year to travel to Europe for three months and have since caught up by using all of the three trimesters.

It is an ongoing struggle to balance full-time work, part-time army reserves as well as my studies. One way I have coped with the workload is to try to stay one week ahead of the class schedule. This usually means I start reading the textbook before the trimester begins, but it also means I have more revision time, and if something comes up that prevents me from studying I won’t fall behind.

I have achieved good results by simply doing the required weekly work – listening to the lectures, attempting all of the tutorial exercises and posting lots of questions on CloudDeakin when I am confused or need more clarification.

The teaching staff have been fantastic; they are approachable and always find time to help me when I ask. I have even organised a couple of telephone conferences when I needed to discuss some more complex issues, when CloudDeakin just wouldn’t be appropriate.

Successes and aspirations
The sense of achievement I feel when I receive good results and the increased practical knowledge I have gained makes the sacrifices worth it. I would highly recommend Deakin to prospective students for the variety of classes and the high level of support offered.

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21st February 2013