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Miranda Martin

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Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Literature and Australian Studies

Why Deakin off-campus studies?
To my surprise (and other people’s) I have been more successful as an off-campus student than I ever imagined I would be and have found that studying is very rewarding! I work three days a week and I am married with two young children (seven and four years old) and being an off-campus student, I am able to combine family life, career and study.  

After I have put the kids to bed and I have prepared for the following day I begin to study, usually around 9.00pm.  With a solid routine, family support and dedication I am able to juggle everything and achieve my goals.  I use a calendar and plot when assignments are due, including all short-term goals. I find it easier if I stay up-to-date than trying to catch up; however, if I have a special event planned, I’ve found that it is achievable to catch up.  Off-campus study is flexibility at its best!  

Study tips and advice for new off-campus students
My advice to new students would be to:

  • Print the major parts of the unit guide and use separate folders for each unit.
  • Use an exercise book to write everything down (today’s date, what you have done, answers to questions etc) and make sure all material for each unit is kept together.  
  • Use CloudDeakin, join discussions and read all discussion threads because chances are someone has had the same issue (or felt the same way)as you.  
  • Lastly, do not hesitate to contact your lecturer when needed - they are there for support and assistance.

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21st February 2013