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2011 AUQA Audit of Deakin University

Deakin University was audited by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) in 2011 as part of its second cycle of reviews.

The audit was in two parts, a progress review of areas identified in the Cycle 1 audit in 2004 and a closer investigation of specific areas or 'themes'. The themes for the audit were:

  1. Achieving Deakin's teaching and learning goals through effective partnerships
  2. Internationalisation

In preparing for the audit Deakin completed a critical self-review which resulted in the submission of a Performance Portfolio (2 MB). The Portfolio included links to good practice case studies

The AUQA Auditors conducted a site visit to the University in June and interviewed approximately 270 staff, students and community partners.

In January 2012 Deakin received its audit report from TEQSA (which replaced AUQA). The report was a fair one and reasonably reflected that Deakin is a good University. We received:

  • six Commendations acknowledging our achievements
  • six Affirmations endorsing improvement actions that were already planned or being implemented by Deakin at the time of the audit
  • seven Recommendations in relation to additional areas identified through the audit process as needing attention.

An action plan (348 KB) was developed to address the Affirmations and Recommendations. Periodic progress reports will be provided to the University Council and Academic Board.

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31st July 2012