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Benchmarking activities at Deakin

Deakin engages in a range of formal and informal benchmarking activities to support its planning.

At an institutional level, Deakin systematically monitors its comparative performance on key measures identified in the LIVE the future: Agenda 2020; these measures include student retention, graduate success, research outputs and research capacity.

The University also closely monitors its relative performance in relation to:

  • excellence in Research Australia (ERA) outcomes
  • indicators in the Institution Performance Portfolio (IPP), which includes a range of comparative outcomes for the sector and Deakin’s IPP benchmark partners (Curtin University of Technology, Griffith University, Macquarie University, Newcastle University, the University of South Australia and the University of Wollongong)
  • world university rankings (including the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings); the QS Intelligence Unit provides an annual report on Deakin's performance compared to eight other Australian and overseas universities.

Deakin has a formal relationship with other universities to support ongoing benchmarking and information sharing in relation to agreed activities.

Benchmarking activities conducted by Faculties and professional areas include:


  • comparisons of Australian and international courses (including structure, content, learning outcomes, professional experience, selection criteria, staffing)
  • reference to discipline standards
  • AACSB accreditation process (Business and Law)
  • course accreditation
  • visits to Australian and overseas universities to share good practices and innovations
  • external examiners pilot (School of Architecture and Building)
  • participation in university-wide benchmarking projects

Professional Areas

  • networking through professional associations and at conferences and meetings
  • reference to accepted external standards and good practice
  • analysis by external consultants/auditors (eg KPMG analysis of financial processes, VAGO annual independent audit of financial statements)
  • applications for external citations (eg Employer of Choice for Women) and accreditation (eg ISO)
  • participation in formal externally-run benchmarking surveys/programs, including:
AUIDF Benchmarking of University International Office Operations Comparing costs, staffing levels, admission procedures, student services and office structures of 34-37 Australian universities
Customer Service Benchmarking Australia Assessing services provided to prospective students
TEFMA Annual Benchmarking Survey Comparing key building operations and management performance indicators of Australian and New Zealand universities
Universities’ Human Resources Benchmarking Program Comparing performance of 42 universities from Australia, NZ, South Africa and Fiji in areas such as staffing ratios, female participation, recruitment rate, academic promotion rate, academic staff with doctoral qualifications, age profile, occupational health and safety
Asia Pacific University Investment survey Investment management benchmarking tool (Mercer)
OECD Review of Higher Education in Regional Development Involving 19 Victorian universities and TAFEs to assist the development of policies to mobilise higher education for social, economic and cultural development
Pascal Universities and Regional Engagement Benchmarking Project Comparing contributions to regional development, priorities and good practice of nine Victorian universities
Australian Higher Education Procurement Benchmarking Program Reviewing services relating to office supplies, temporary staff, travel management, laboratory supplies, banking, telecommunications, print, IT, leasing, procurement
Insync Library Client Survey Monitoring client satisfaction and identifying areas of good practice
Insync Student Administration Services Survey Comparing student satisfaction with key student administration services (9 Australian universities participated for the first time in 2010)
Roysys; Gartner Research; Educause Comparing ITSD services, costs and systems availability

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7th August 2013