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Policies and procedures under review

These policies and procedures are being reviewed.

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Policies and procedures open for consultation

These policies and procedures are published for consultation purposes. Staff and students are invited to provide feedback to the Policy Office prior to the closing date for consultation.

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Recent changes involving policies and procedures

(Includes new, amended and revoked policies and procedures)

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New, amendment
or revocation
Date came
into effect  
Travel Policy and Procedure The University recognises that domestic and international travel is an essential part of the work related activities of University staff and the study related activities of students.
This policy ensures that:
  1. University travellers have a clear and consistent understanding of the University’s expectations in relation to travel, and how to apply these principles to their travel;
  2. the University maximises its ability to negotiate discounted rates with preferred suppliers;
  3. the University manages travel by University travellers effectively;
  4. the University exercises the appropriate duty of care towards University travellers who are undertaking either domestic or international travel;
  5. travel details are accurately and completely logged for approval, risk management, tax and insurance purposes.
New 19 March
Contracts Policy This policy sets out the rules for entering into contracts on behalf of the University. New 13 March
Code of Conduct To confirm the standards of responsible and ethical behaviour and conduct expected of all University staff and associates.
The Code of Conduct must be considered in conjunction with University legislation and all University policy and procedures, including the Staff Discipline operational policy, which may apply if the Code of Conduct is breached.
Amendment 21 January
Conflict of Interest Procedure To provide staff and associates of the University with relevant information to assist them to identify, disclose and manage any conflicts of interest that may arise during the course of their employment, including any committee responsibilities, at the University. New
9 January
Workplace Bullying Procedure To provide University staff and associates of the University information to assist in the prevention, identification and management of workplace bullying and to set out the process to deal with behavior which may constitute workplace bullying. Amendment 1 January
Workplace Bullying Policy To confirm the University’s commitment to:
a) providing a working environment which is free from workplace bullying
b) preventing workplace bullying
c) responding to workplace bullying
The Workplace Bullying Policy must be considered in conjunction with relevant University policy and procedures, including but not limited to the Health and Safety Enabling Policy, the Code of Conduct and the Staff Discipline Operational Policy, which may apply if the Workplace Bullying Policy is breached.
Amendment 1 January
Investment Policy To guide responsible and effective management of the University’s investments. This policy applies to all financial investments made by the University and its controlled entities. This policy applies to all financial investments made by the University and its controlled entities. Amended 12 December
Teleworking Policy
The policy applies to all University staff who are prospectively or currently engaged in teleworking. Teleworking is working from an approved location other than your primary work location or within any work location utilizing information and communications technology (ICT) to stay connected to your colleagues and your work.  New 27 November
Teleworking Procedure
This procedure outlines the process for the proposal, assessment, approval and monitoring of teleworking arrangements so as to provide for a safe and productive teleworking environment for the University and its staff. Guidelines for Making and Dealing with a Request for Flexible Working Arrangements and the Teleworking website also relate. Note: The existing Flexible Work Arrangements procedure is currently under review consequent upon the implementation of the Deakin University Enterprise Agreement 2013 that became effective on 25 November 2013.  New 27 November
Reimbursements Procedure The procedure outlines the criteria for the reimbursement of expenses to University staff. Some important changes have been made particularly in relation to limits and approach for reimbursement for relocation/onboarding expenses; use of private vehicle; and claims for parking and public transport for senior staff in receipt of a vehicle allowance.  Amendment  18 November
Acceptance of Gifts Policy This policy outlines the requirements for staff who are offered gifts in relation to University business. It does not apply to benefits accrued by staff from the University in the normal conduct of their duties, nor to donations, bequests, awards, grants, fellowships, scholarships, prizes or to gifts given by the University or to acceptance of gifts given by the University in recognition of service. New 17 November
Academic Freedom Policy To outline the University’s commitment to the exercise of academic freedom. The University recognises and values the right to academic freedom as central to its endeavours in scholarship, teaching and research and is committed to its promotion and protection within the University. New 24 September
Contractors and Consultants Procedure (Staff Only)
This procedure applies to all contracts for the supply of services to the University except contracts that also include the supply of goods where the value of the goods is greater than 80% of the total value of the contract. The procedure and the ‘Contractor Checklist and Certification for Individuals’ that is referred to in the procedure have been updated. Amendment 26 August
Payment Card Security Policy and Procedure The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) are a set of industry standards to mitigate the risks associated with the handling of payment card data, including fraud and identity theft.  The PCI-DSS applies to all entities (including merchants, processors, acquirers, issuers and service providers) that store, process or transmit data containing the primary account number of a holder of any of the above cards and requires them to comply with certain minimum standards and procedures whenever they do so. The Payment Card Security policy and procedure outlines how the University will comply with the industry standards. New 26 August
Honorary Degrees Procedure

The Predecessor procedure was revoked to make way for the new Honorary Degrees Procedure.
This procedure provides information to members of the University community on nominating persons for Honorary Degrees of the University. It replaces the predecessor procedure and provides clearer guidance to members of the University community about how to make a nomination for particular degrees. The procedure is supported by a new schedule containing an application form for nominators to use in order to improve consistency. 
23 August
Prevention and Control of Fraud and Corruption Policy The policy explains the University’s approach to preventing and controlling Fraud and Corruption. The policy has been amended to include two new clauses (these are clauses 2 and 3). Amendment 23 August
Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Assessment Procedure This outlines the procedure for assessment for higher degrees by research (HDR). New 2 July

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