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The Policy Framework Policy and the Policy Framework Procedure govern the development, approval, implementation, amendment, review and revocation of the University’s policies and procedures.


These are the approved templates for Deakin’s policies and procedures:

Policy template (31 KB)
Procedure template (30 KB)

The following form must be completed and endorsed by the Responsible Officer for all policies and procedures before approval is sought.

Policy Approval template (48 KB)

Good practice in policy development

Policies and procedures need to be clear and accessible. Find out tips for writing good policy.


Effective policy does not solely rely on content. Policy needs to be communicated clearly to key constituencies to engage people and secure compliance. The Implementation Plan sets out what needs to be done to achieve policy/procedure objectives.

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How does policy differ from procedure?

Policies are statements of principle. They set out the position of the University on key aspects of operation or direction. Procedures describe the steps required to comply with University policy.

When do I consult?

There are two phases of consultation:

  1. Informal: This should occur as early as possible in the development stage involving content experts and key stakeholders;

  2. Formal: This occurs once the draft has been finalised for viewing by the Policy Manager in consultation with the Implementation Officer. It is published on the Policy Office web site for 14 days and input is sought from the University community. University-wide consultation also ensures key stakeholders such as the University Solicitor, the Risk Manager, the Head of the Governance Unit and the Director, Internal Audit are consulted.

Who can decide if a policy or procedure is required?

The Executive and the Policy Manager.

What does the role of Responsible Officer involve?

In essence, the Responsible Officer owns the policy.

The Responsible Officer is an Executive member or a Senior Manager and is assigned by the Vice-Chancellor to be accountable for a particular policy or procedure. The Responsible Officer is responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures for which they are responsible remain up to date and accurate and for monitoring their compliance.

What does the role of Implementation Officer involve?

The Implementation Officer is a Manager (normally at HEW level 9 or above), who is assigned by the Responsible Officer to lead the development, implementation and review of the relevant policy or procedure.

 How are policies and procedures promulgated?

Members of the University community are notified via email once the newly published policy and procedure is available on The Guide. Typically this would include the Implementation Officer and Key Stakeholders enabling further dissemination where appropriate in line with the communication strategies of the Implementation Plan.

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