Health & Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education (HPE) Discipline group provides pre-service and post-graduate education and research in the broad areas of health, health education, physical education and student well being.

About the group

The Health and Physical Education Discipline group is concerned with health and physical education teaching and research in a socio-cultural context with a strong emphasis on disrupting traditional notions of health and physical education and their focus on individual responsibility. The group is committed to researching and practicing innovative teaching strategies aligned with the notion of productive pedagogies. Research interests and projects are broad and wide ranging across the discipline group and include studies in gender, activity, sport education, inclusivity, sexuality, body image, nutrition, connectedness, transitions, identities, gender and violence, capacity building, community engagement and teacher education.

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The group welcomes enquiries from future HDR candidates, schools and the industry and business sector. We invite you to contact any of our staff to discuss future collaborations.

HDR Supervision

Research areas of interest for future HDR supervision are listed in the individual staff profiles and staff welcome enquiries from prospective research students.

HDR supervision experience - Staff have been involved in supervising research such as the following topics or areas: 

Associate Professor Lyn Harrison

Lyn has supervised 14 PhD and Masters students to successful completion. Her current HDR principal supervision includes

  • 'Health and Welfare of Adult Female Bhutanese Refugees

Professor Chris Hickey

Over the past10 years Chris has supervised 16 Doctoral candidates through to successful completion. Current HDR principal supervision includes:

  • Monitoring Student Performance and Subject Selection in a Secondary School
  • Women teachers' approaches to teaching physical education in all-boys schools.
  • Understanding the practice of cooperative education in sport tertiary education
  • Being a reader and being a man: Exploring the impact on young men's reading practices in Tunisia
  • Critical reflection within sport and recreation cooperative education
  • The role of peer groups in young males constructions and practices of risk taking.
  • Personal wellness in counselor education: A phenomenology

Dr Louise Mathews

Available to supervise Masters of Education (Research) and PhD students

Dr Debbie Ollis

  • Developing teacher identities in Physical Education Teacher Education
  • Does a whole-school peer-led approach reduce bullying?
  • The Health Promoting School Framework in an International School
  • Parents as sexuality educators: A qualitative study exploring the sexuality education discoursesused by parents to educate their children'.

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Sexuality Education Matters 

Preparing pre-service teachers to teach sexuality education

Debbie Ollis
Lyn Harrison
Claire Maharaj

Deakin University
Faculty of Arts and Education
School of Education
Burwood, Victoria

April 2013

Download resource  (PDF, 7.4 MB)

Suggested citation
Ollis, D, Harrison, L & Maharaj, C 2013, Sexuality Education Matters: Preparing pre-service teachers to teach sexuality education, Deakin University, Burwood, Vic

Video material on iTunes
Sexuality Education Matters is a Deakin University series of videos showing footage of pre-service teachers and lecturers discussing their experiences and challenges, as well as some examples of teaching and learning activities in action.

Building Capacity Research report

Authors: Debbie Ollis, Lyn Harrison and Anthony Richardson
May 2012

Building Capacity in Sexuality Education: The Northern Bay College Experience (PDF, 4.9 MB)

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