Mathematics Education

Members of the mathematics education discipline group bring a global perspective of mathematics education to their teaching and research. They are actively engaged with local and international researchers, teachers, schools and educational authorities, in order to deliver outstanding initial teacher education courses and in-service teacher professional learning and contribute to cutting-edge research in mathematics education.

About the group

Members of the mathematics education discipline group have proven track records in teaching, research and supervision of Higher Degree student researchers. Individuals and teams of staff are at the forefront of research and practice in a range of fields including:

  • Problem solving approaches to teaching mathematics
  • Resilience building and optimism of mathematics learners and teachers
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Mathematical task design to enhance student mathematical engagement, reasoning, modelling and problem solving (for example, non-routine problems, open-ended problems, games and number talks)
  • Mathematics leadership and teacher professional learning including demonstration lessons, Lesson Study and Learning Study
  • Social justice and gender equity in mathematics
  • Digital technologies for mathematics teaching and learning
  • Primary pre-service teacher education

The teaching and research expertise of the mathematics education and discipline group is evident in the numerous teaching, publication and research awards granted to individuals during their academic careers.

The members of the group are actively engaged in the mathematics teacher and research communities and organisations, contributing through their leadership as journal and conference proceeding editors, membership of Editorial Boards and conference review teams as well as through various positions on association executives and committees and their regular presentations at national and international conferences for mathematics teachers and mathematics educational researchers.

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HDR supervision

HDR Supervision

Research areas of interest for future HDR supervision are listed in the individual staff profiles and staff welcome enquiries from prospective research students.

HDR supervision experience - Staff have been involved in supervising research such as the following topics or areas:
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For prospective research students:

Research programs available to prospective students



Staff in the mathematics education discipline group lead and teach core and elective units in early childhood, primary and secondary mathematics teaching in a range of under-graduate and post-graduate pre-service teacher education and early childhood courses.

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Science) / Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) / Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours)
  • Master of Teaching
  • Master of Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy

The content and teaching approach for these mathematics education units is informed by our on-going engagement and research with teachers, schools, early childhood settings and professional mathematical associations locally, nationally and internationally.

We use inquiry-based learning and promote critical reflection of theory and practice. We aim to develop generative teachers, that is, graduate teachers with the knowledge, skills and disposition to continuously seek to improve their knowledge of students, mathematics and mathematics learning and their practice of mathematics teaching through deliberative reflection.

We involve our pre-service teachers in mathematics problems and tasks and using digital tools and resources as they study, research, plan for and practice the most effective mathematics teaching approaches sourced from our contemporary research and research from around the world. We are actively engaged in researching our teaching practice and regularly publish our work in this field.

We are continuing to build partnerships with schools to extend and deepen pre-service teachers' practical experience and engagement with school students and teachers. CloudDeakin facilitates connectivity between on campus and off campus pre-service teachers, between pre-service teachers and mathematics education teaching staff and between pre-service teachers and the resources and support services within and beyond the university.


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