Teach for Australia

Deakin's proud to partner with Teach for Australia, a national program that recruits and trains young Australians to teach in disadvantaged communities.

The program's part of the global Teach for All network of nearly 40 partner organisations, all dedicated to expanding educational opportunities.

Who can participate?

Teach for Australia recruits outstanding individuals with academic expertise as well as a range of skills and experience. 

Those selected to participate in the program become associates, who commit to teach in an educationally disadvantaged school for at least two years.

How the program works

Your journey begins with a six week in-residence program taught at Deakin. The introductory program provides a theoretical and practical foundation for teaching in a low socio-economic community.

By the end of the initial intensive you’ll have completed one quarter of a Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree. The program is made up of lectures, thought-provoking dialogues, practical workshops, group and individual assessments. 

There's also a two-week teaching practicum, which gives you the practical skills you need to be successful in the classroom.

Start teaching and earning sooner

After the initial intensive, you’ll begin teaching at a secondary school with full salary and benefits. You’ll teach 80 per cent of a full-time load to allow time for ongoing study. 

Additionally, you’ll have regular contact with your support team. The support team consists of your in-school mentor, Teach for Australia teaching coach and Deakin University School Academic Mentor as well as fellow associates and alumni.

Completing your Leadership Development Program

After two intense, challenging and rewarding years, you’ll have completed the Leadership Development Program. 

You will also have gained a set of unique and highly sought-after skills. At the end of the program, you'll have earned a nationally accredited Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree on scholarship.

Fees and ongoing costs to participate

Most program costs are covered by Teach for Australia on scholarship. As an associate, you’ll be required to contribute a small portion of the overall cost of your qualification. 

You’ll have access to FEE-HELP for these payments (provided you meet the eligibility criteria).

How to apply

For more information about the Teach for Australia program at Deakin University, visit the Teach for Australia website. 

To apply, complete the expression of interest form and meet the indicated deadlines.

Visit Teach for Australia’s website

Contact us

Teach for Australia Project Manager
Gabrielle England +61 3 9244 3857
Email artsed-tfa@deakin.edu.au