Portfolio and Journal

PORTFOLIO: Over the 4 years of the course pre-service teachers should collect a range of materials in the following areas, keeping in mind that this collection is built over time not all in the first observation round.

  • Professional Knowledge
    • Evidence of having undertake an orientation to the school environment
    • School context statement notes including demographics, socio-cultural make up of learning community, organisational structures of the school and photo story of school environment (no pre-service teachers in photos)
    • School policy documents directly related to inclusivity
    • Notes from leader/mentor discussions
  • Professional Practice
    • Observations of class, teacher and school routines
    • Planning for and/or reflection on pre-service teacher supervision of learning activities with small groups of pre-service teachers within the classroom
    • Notes and reflection on learning conversations with individual pre-service teachers
    • Planning for team teaching and reflective evaluation
  • Professional Engagement
    • Timetable of classroom activities which also indicates participation in meetings, yard duty, school activities and any other professional activities that the school offers
    • Portfolio has a range of documents, field notes and pre-service teacher narratives that reflect and support their research and understanding of the practicum unit theme, social contexts of education.

JOURNAL: Pre-service teachers should also keep a journal which records all the lessons they have taught, all the observations undertaken and reflections.
Primary and secondary pre-service teachers should ask for feedback on their lessons (this feedback should be in writing as well as discussions) and make notes of their own reflections on their development. The following information should be included in the journal:

  • detailed records and plans of lessons taught;
  • a cumulative record of supervising teacher's comments;
  • a summary of lessons observed;
  • reflections on developing knowledge and understanding.

The journal and collection of material should be used to develop a portfolio that is a detailed retrospective analysis of and reflection on lessons and a record of useful resources, aids and teaching strategies for use in job applications and once a position has been obtained.

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