Practicum- TESOL/TLOTE

Graduate Certificate of Education (TESOL/TLOTE) and Master of Education (TESOL/TLOTE)

Placement Information

ECL755 - Professional Practice in TESOL or LOTE

Placement Information

This unit requires participants to undertake a teaching practicum in a second/foreign language classroom, and to reflect on their experience. It enables students to demonstrate their understandings of second language pedagogy gained in their study of this and other units in their course through undertaking a 22 day practicum in an appropriate TESOL or LOTE setting. This practicum meets the practical teaching requirements for qualifying as a specialist TESOL or LOTE teacher in Victoria.

Placement Process:

  • Placements are usually completed in two different schools or organisations
  • Placements can be completed in any combination of the following - 11 and 11 days, 12 and 10 days, 10 and 12 days
  • Students DO NOT arrange their own placements unless they have a pre-existing relationship or contact at a school or organisation
  • HOWEVER, the Professional Experience Office DOES NOT arrange country, interstate or overseas placements - if this applies to you, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange your own placements
  • You will be required to complete a Practicum Questionnaire on InPlace to assist the Professional Experience Office in arranging your placement. The instructions for this process will be emailed to you, once your enrolment in the unit is confirmed.
  • Organising a placement can take 10 WEEKS OR MORE - we require AT LEAST this much time to finalise your practicum
  • There are EXCEPTIONALLY low number of placements available in TESOL/LOTE and they are very time consuming and difficult to arrange
  • You may be required to travel up to one hour for placements if we are unable to place you in your preferred organisation/school or suburb
  • The Professional Experience Office is responsible only for arranging the school or organisation you will be completing the placement and please contact the unit chair for ALL other enquiries
  • You will be sent an email when a placement has been arranged, with the contact details of the person you will need to speak to it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact them within 3 days of receiving this email to negotiate the specific dates of your placement
  • You must then contact the Professional Experience Office and notify them of your agreed dates
  • The days and dates of your placement will depend entirely on the availability and timetable of the ESL or LOTE program in your school or organisation. It may be once a week for 12 weeks, or full time for 22 days. This is unavoidable due to the wide variety of programs offered by schools and organisations
  • You must seek permission from the unit chair to complete your 22 days in ONE school or to complete any placement/s in your OWN school
  • You must have a current Working with Children Check or Victorian Institute of Teaching Card and must provide a copy of this to the Professional Experience Office prior to commencing any placements
  • You must make placements your priority over paid work commitments
For currently enrolled Deakin students see the official Deakin University Handbook 2014 for detailed unit guidelines and expectations



Professional Experience Officer
Rebecca Stephenson

Course Director - TESOL
Ruth Arber
+61 3 9244 3933

Course Director - TLOTE
Michiko Weinmann
+61 3 9244 6979

Please do not hesitate to contact the TESOL/TLOTE team for further information or if you have any queries.

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