Welcome from Warrnambool PEO

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Bachelor of Education ( Primary ) degree course at Deakin University.

My name is Paula Emry and I am the Professional Experience Officer at the Warrnambool Campus. I will facilitate and manage your Professional Experience program during your course.

I recommend that you have a good look at the PEO website as an excellent reference for helping you to access all the information you will need to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of what role professional experience will play in your teacher training and development.

The website supplies information on policies, guidelines, forms, checklists, resources as well as more specific information about the practicum requirements for your particular course. Familiarity with the materials on the website will assist you in having a ready reference to address questions, rules, requirements.

Materials and information on the website can help you in your preparation for your teaching rounds. More specific and particular information for your cohort (requirements, expectations ) is also delivered at pre-round briefings within your lecture/ tutorial time at the university prior to each teaching round. Attendance at all your lectures and tutorials as well as the pre-round briefings gives you the best chance for the thorough preparation and knowledge you need to optimise your time in schools and classrooms.

We encourage students to be pro-active in their preparation for professional experience. We welcome students to contact staff members by email, phone or in person with any questions/concerns. The 'education' staff at Warrnambool works together as a team. We are committed to providing all that is needed for students to achieve their goals. We encourage and build strong, supportive relationships with each other as well as with all our students, our host schools and agencies.

We strive to ensure that the professional experience program is of mutual benefit for all our stakeholders.

We welcome our students to participate with us to achieve this mission.


Paula Emry 

Professional Experience Office

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