Development of Industry Ready Graduates in Undergraduate Civil Engineering Course Survey

This survey aims to solicit and consolidate knowledge on our undergraduate Civil Engineering Course curriculum, learning and teaching environments, teaching approach adopted by academic staff and learning approach adopted by students within the Civil Engineering Course at Deakin University.

This research will be used to enhance our undergraduate Civil Engineering Course by identifying the issues that matters the most for our Civil Engineering Students. This will eventually help to update and enhance our Civil Engineering Course by developing a set of strategies that provide more opportunities for students to develop skills as "life-long-learners". These skills are required so graduates can practice as "work-ready" professional engineers.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you are not required to answer any question unless you wish to do so. Your decision whether or not to participate in this survey will in no way impact upon your relationship with the University, and you are free not to participate in this survey. Please note that once submitted the survey cannot be withdrawn as anonymous individual responses cannot be linked back to the participant.

You will be asked to answer and rate your experience in Civil Engineering Course at Deakin University

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