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Deakin Engineering Education Research (DEER) is dedicated to the establishment of a multi-disciplinary research platform that that enables researchers to address current and future challenges in Engineering Education.

DEER brings together academic staff from across the University with research interests Engineering Education.

The DEER Group includes nationally and internationally recognised researchers in the field of Engineering Education and has the expertise to deliver high impact collaborative research in the areas of Design Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Distance & Cloud based education and Educational Technologies.


 To establish collaborative research platform that enables researchers to address current  and future  challenges in Engineering Education. 

 To bring together staff from across the University (and beyond) with research interests in Engineering  Education. 

 To deliver high impact collaborative research in the area of Engineering Education.

 To enhance academic outcomes by building the teaching-research nexus.



DEER Objectives:

  • Establish itself as a node for strategic research addressing the national research priorities in engineering education.
  • Facilitate collaboration with industry and other research institutions leading to improved and increased research outputs.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to attracting and retaining external funding in an area that has significant potential future growth.



  • Educational Technologies
  • Cloud and Located Learning
  • Student Centred Learning (Project Oriented Design Based Learning)
  • Learning Pedagogies
  • Quality Assurance in Engineering Education





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