Sustainable infrastructure

We’re dedicated to establishing a multi-disciplinary research platform that enables researchers to address current and future challenges in infrastructure engineering. 

Our skilled research team delivers high-impact, applied and fundamental collaborative research in the areas of structure engineering, corrosion and water management.

Key research areas

Smart structures

Smart structures research addresses issues relating to the design, construction and maintenance of civil engineering infrastructure. It works closely with industry, and uses the latest in design, simulation tools, materials, manufacturing processes and monitoring technology. Research areas include:

Structural rehabilitation

Development and facilitation of advanced and efficient applications in carbon fibre composites for civil infrastructure.

Damage identification in civil infrastructure

Identification and assessment of damage in civil infrastructure.

Structural stability

Analysis and safety of infrastructure including foundations, slops and retaining structures.

Integrated water management

Integrated water management takes a holistic approach in combating issues relating to the preservation and sustainability of freshwater for future generations. Research areas include:

Catchment management for sustainable ecosystems and communities

Application of cleaner production in all types of industries and implementation of efficient urban storm water management; socio-economics, public health and managing community perceptions as well as impact on aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity.

Sustainable industrial and urban water management

Water and wastewater treatment in order to provide smart water management in domestic and industrial uses; understanding and analysis of water quality and developing advanced water treatment technologies; research on sustainable water management in primary industries is also conducted.

Resource recovery 

The by-products of treatment technologies are considered waste streams, however, those streams have a wealth of resources that should also be recovered in order to maintain the quality of receiving streams.

Sustainable energy systems

Our research in sustainable energy systems looks at how we can best use the available resources to develop and implement these technologies. We have close relationships with key industry partners and state-of-the-art equipment to help solve today and tomorrow's problems. Research areas include using available resources to develop and implement advanced energy technologies in the fight against climate change and securing energy supply.

Our facilities and capabilities include:

  • mechanical testing laboratory, including specialised frames for testing large beams and columns
  • vibration testing system, including impact hammer and accelerometers
  • concrete laboratory
  • numerical simulation software, including ANSYS, MATLAB and ABAQUS.

Our staff

Integrated water management
Professor Bas Baskaran
Smart structures
Dr Riyadh Al-Ameri
Smart structures
Dr An-Jui Li
Sustainable energy systems
Dr Aman Maung Than Oo
Sustainable energy systems
Dr Sui Yang Khoo

Deakin Corrosion Research Centre (DCRC)

The DCRC focuses on research related to corrosion engineering and surface sciences, with a specific interest in:

  • desalination and water infrastructure
  • oil and gas refining and production
  • defence and aerospace
  • mining and power industries.

The DCRC, which draws together researchers from the School of Engineering and the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM), includes researchers from a range of disciplines, including chemists, physicists, engineers and microbiologists.

Our research areas

  • Biocorrosion and degradation
  • Functionalised coatings
  • Pipelines, sensors and monitoring
  • Rare earth and ionic liquid inhibitors

Contact us

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+61 3 5247 9216
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