Nutrition in media and marketing


A Nutritionist who works in media is a nutrition communicator responsible for providing information based on scientific evidence for education and health promotion. They may write books and articles in magazines and newspapers or work as a food commentator on radio and television.

A media-based Nutritionist may liaise with food producers, supermarkets and publishers to help these groups communicate better so consumers can understand nutrition and put into practice good eating habits. They may also deliver seminars, lectures, workshops to corporate groups as well as the food industry and health professionals and general public.

Marketing can encompass a career as a consultant or within the food industry, government and public health sectors. A high profile Nutritionist or expert Nutritionist in a particular field of nutrition is often called upon for their opinion on food issues.

Some Nutritionists choose to undertake additional courses in writing, media, communications, internet and marketing so they have a better understanding of the setting and systems used in the marketing of food products and communicating nutrition information to the general public.

Job titles/roles:

Nutrition journalist, Food Writer, Nutrition Communicator, Director of Nutrition Communication, Food Commentator, Consultant Nutritionist


Nutritionists working in this area tend to be self employed or act as consultants. They may also work at universities, food industry, government and non-government organisations and be called upon by the media as experts in the field to provide opinion/education/advice.

Professional Associations:

Suggested electives:

  • HSN708 Nutrition Promotion
  • HSN713 Food, Nutrition and Behaviour
  • HSN734 Obesity Prevention
  • HSN741 Postgraduate Nutrition Practicum
  • HSN743 Nutrition for Healthy Ageing
  • HSN746 Nutritional Issues from Infancy to Adolescence
  • ALW729 Writing for Communication Media

Expert in area:

Kristen Beck (word doc 48KB)

Kristen is a registered Nutritionist and an experienced media commentator, public speaker and lecturer.

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