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From Honours to postdoctoral fellowships to our unique CASS-Academy program, the Centre for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS) is always looking for new opportunities to foster the next generation of sensory and consumer scientists.

We also welcome people who aren't in academia to join our CASS consumer panel and participate in our latest studies.

The benefits of studying with CASS

CASS includes a dedicated group of researchers from different backgrounds and disciplines. By joining us you'll benefit from our stimulating team-based environment, development prospects and exposure to a wide range of sensory and consumer science issues.

Our research is gaining global interest as we continue to publish and present our findings at key conferences. We work hard to maintain national and international collaborations with both academia and industry, thereby providing unique career exposure opportunities for our team.

Becoming a CASS researcher

To become a CASS research student, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to investigate and which academic staff member you wish to study with. We welcome specific enquiries by all prospective Honours, PhD and Postdoctoral students to CASS staff. 

Learn more about the Honours program

Learn how to become a PhD or postdoctoral student

PhDs on the go at CASS

CASS offers a number of PhD opportunities, which we advertise as they become available. Current PhD topics include:

Andrew Costanzo
Fat taste in twins: how high fat diets change taste buds which may lead to overeating

Julia Low
Association between sweet taste function, satiation and satiety

Uracha Wanich
Food choice in young Australian and Thai adults

Kathryn Colla
Measuring dynamics of liking: laboratory versus real life environments using advanced sensory techniques


CASS-Academy is a training hub set up for talented undergraduate students who show an interest in sensory and consumer science.

The selected students will undertake a 12-week program across Trimester 1 and 2 to gain industry-relevant experience. They'll train alongside our academic experts and other industry professionals.

Benefits of the program include:

  • developing highly sought industry skills, experiences and networking opportunities
  • hands-on experience within the CASS state-of-the-art sensory research centre
  • field excursions and food industry manufacturer site visits
  • conditional acceptance into the sensory Honours program for 2019*
  • certificate of program completion and a letter of recommendation.

Learn more about CASS-Academy (PDF, 1.7MB)

* Subject to the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences (Honours) selection criteria

Frequently asked CASS-Academy questions:

How long will the program run for?

The 12-week program spans Trimester 1 and Trimester 2, usually from April until September. The program is intended to be flexible so that we can accommodate the selected students' busy study load.

What sort of ‘hands-on’ training will we be doing?

Each of the three rotations will run according to the following content:

  • training or journal article analysis on rotation topic
  • practical data collection, either in the laboratory or the field
  • training on data analysis and evaluation using industry-standard techniques and analysis software
  • group presentation of results to the wider CASS team.

For more details, read the CASS-Academy brochure (PDF, 1.7MB)

Will the program interfere with a full-time study workload?

The program is designed to provide you with the best possible sensory science exposure with a minimal amount of contact hours (30–40 hours across 12 weeks).

However, good time management skills are essential. The program will also include some excursions that may fall on weekends.

Can the CASS-Academy be counted as an elective unit?

No, the CASS-Academy program is a Faculty of Health approved program but it's not a Deakin-approved course unit.

Am I eligible to apply?

Any third year Deakin student currently studying the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences or Bachelor of Health Sciences majoring in Food Studies or Nutrition is eligible to apply.

A WAM score of 65 or above is advised.

Important information before you apply

Applications for the 2018 CASS Academy are now closed.

Prior to commencing the CASS-Academy I was unsure where my degree would take me. Now I am confident and excited to pursue Honours within CASS. The hands-on experience, communication and teamwork have substantially increased my skills, with the bonus of working alongside some other great students, which makes it fun at the same time!


Participate in our studies

Our consumer panellists are a unique group who get paid to assist with various studies and industry related consumer snack food taste testings.

We run a variety of both long- and short-term studies. Some studies may require participants who meet certain selection criteria.

In order to become a CASS panellist you must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • have no known food allergies or intolerances
  • have no association with a marketing company or media outlets
  • buy, like and consume various snack foods.

If you fit these criteria, you can sign up by completing an online survey, below. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Complete the survey and register your details

Frequently asked study participation questions:

How long will each study session run for?

Each study session will usually run for approximately one hour. However, some studies may require less time (30 minutes) or more time (90 minutes to two hours). Certain long- or short-term trials may also involve multiple visits.

How often and where are the tasting sessions run?

Our studies run at various intervals throughout the year and are usually held at our state-of-the-art sensory centre in Burwood (located on the Deakin Burwood campus).

What are the benefits of joining the CASS Consumer Database?

Becoming a CASS panellist means to have the opportunity to assist in innovative research trials, and even try new and exciting consumer snack foods, some of which may not be commercially available.

For most sessions, you'll be reimbursed with a gift voucher. The actual amount received is subject to study funding.

How do I continue being a CASS panellist each year?

By completing our 30-minute recruitment survey, you will be automatically added to our CASS Consumer Database.

However because your food behaviours and preferences change over time, CASS will contact you at the end of each year to renew your membership by re-completing the above survey.

How do I remove my details from the CASS Consumer Database?

If you decide to remove yourself from our CASS Consumer Database, please complete the Withdrawal of Consent form (PDF, 95.4KB) and email or send it to us.

Any uncollated or unpublished information obtained from you will not be used and be destroyed.

Where can I get more information regarding the CASS Consumer Database?

Our CASS Consumer Database has been approved by the Deakin Human Ethics committee. For more information relating to the project you can download a copy of the Plain Language Statement (PDF, 113KB).

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