Dietetics research

Research in dietetics is critical to underpin evidence-based practice. 

In the 2015 Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) assessment, Deakin University was rated as 'well above world standards' in the field of nutrition and dietetics, demonstrating our commitment and passion for research in this field.

Our areas of interest

We conduct research across the major areas of dietetic practice – medical nutrition therapy, food and nutrition services, and community nutrition and public health. Current research topics include:

  • malnutrition screening and risk
  • nutrition in wound healing
  • immuno-enhancing nutrients and surgical recovery
  • determinants of food choice 
  • nutrition in the elderly
  • educational research and practice including interprofessional education
  • dietary behaviour change for chronic disease prevention and treatment
  • translation and implementation research
  • food literacy
  • nutrition education
  • maternal and infant nutrition
  • sports nutrition.

Rhea Mills: Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences – Master of Dietetics

Our nutrition and dietetics courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to work in a range of exciting settings. Find out what Deakin student Rhea Mills has to say about her experience.

Dietetics turns 40

Deakin was the first university in Australia to offer a course in dietetics. In 2017, the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences will be celebrating 40 years of dietetics education.

Our researchers

Professor Caryl Nowson

Professor Nowson is the Chair in Nutrition and Ageing. Her research primarily focuses on nutrition related to hypertension and bone health, and optimising health with ageing. Her research in ageing has assessed the combination of both exercise and improved nutrition.

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Associate Professor Sarah Mcnaughton Adv APD

Associate Professor McNaughton’s research interests include methods for assessing dietary intakes, dietary patterns at a population level and influences on dietary behaviours among young adults and older adults.

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Dr Sharleen O'Reilly APD

Dr O'Reilly's research is primarily related to the translation of research into practice, particularly in the area of preventing diabetes and heart disease through lifestyle behaviour change.

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Dr Claire Margerison APD

Dr Margerison’s research interests include the intakes and sources of sodium and potassium in the Australian diet and the effect on blood pressure, food literacy and nutrition education.

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Dr Susan Torres APD

Dr Torres’ research assesses the relationship between indicators of mental health and dietary intake.

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Dr Dominique Condo APD

Dr Condo‘s research interests include two main areas: maternal and infant nutrition (primarily micronutrient intake during pregnancy and infant outcomes) and sports nutrition (including dietary intakes, modifications and interventions in elite or recreational athletes and the effect on performance, wellbeing and education).

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Dr Paige van der Pligt APD

Dr van der Pligt’s research interests include the health effects of poor nutrition, and maternal overweight and obesity, during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and the economic impact of these issues on the public health system.

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Judith Appleton

Judith is Deakin University's Head of Professional Practice in nutrition and dietetics and food commodities.

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