Financial Services Division

A-Z FBSD Staff Listing as at 4 January 2010

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Melbourne Campuses (B) 924
Geelong Campuses (G) 522
Warrnambool Campus (W) 556

Name Position Email Telephone Facsimile Campus
Bailey, Bretlyn Acting Manager, Business Reporting and Analysis

Budgeting and Forecasting Manager
bretlyn.bailey 68128 68213 B
Barker, Tania Campus Finance Officer (W) tania.barker 33560 33561 W
Brown, Jan Accounts Payable Officer jan.brown 72681 72682 G
Chan, Jenny Financial Accountant jenny.chan 68123 68213 B
Ciola, Rosie Business Analyst rosie.ciola 72858 72682 G
Craig, Vanessa Accounts Payable Officer vanessa.craig 72974 72682 G
Darker, Ray Research Finance Officer ray.darker 72677 72175 G
Dharmasena, Saliya Accounting Systems Officer saliya.dharmasena 72679 72682 G
Felton, Allison Financial Services Officer allison.felton 45529 N/A B
Graham, Steven Accounts Payable Officer steven.graham 72680 72682 G
Hayes, Jenny Fixed Assets Officer jennifer.hayes 71151 72682 G
Healey, Paul Director, Financial and Business Services Division paul.healey 68129 68213 B
Hearns, Siverena Financial Services Officer siverena.hearns 72681 72682 G
Hegedus, Helen Senior Administration Officer
helen.hegedus 68052 68213 B
Ho, Angela Assistant Financial Accountant angela.ho 68122 68213 B
Johnson, Carmel Travel Coordinator/Credit Card Officer carmel.johnson 72973 72682 G
Kakos, Aren Financial Services Officer/Administrative Officer aren.kakos 46982 46826 B
Kougias, Steve Management Accountant steve.kougias 68132 68213 B
Koulkoudinas, Manuel Accounts Payable Officer manuel.koulkoudinas 72684 72682 G
La Sala, Malita Fixed Assets Officer malita.lasala 68127 68213 B
Liakounakos, Peter Administrative Officer peter.liakounakos 68125 68213 B
Manna, Rosa Financial Services Officer/Administrative Officer rosa.manna 46248 46826 B
McCrohan, Brett Financial Services Officer brett.mccrohan 71145 72682 G
McEwin, Kerry Financial Services Officer kerry.mcewin 72524 72682 G
Myers, Wayne Accounting Systems Manager wayne.myers 71208 72682 G
Nanayakkara, Roshana Senior Finance Manager roshana.nanayakkara 68167 68213 B
Nugent, Anna Accounts Payable Officer anna.nugent 71117 72682 G
Perna, Linda Senior Administration Officer
(Monday and Tuesday)
linda.perna 68052 68213 B
Ponnambalam, Sathie FMIP Consultant sathie.ponnambalam 68130 68213 B
Primmer, Sandra Administration Officer sandra.primmer 33346 33561 W
Ramos, Alvin Business Analyst alvin.ramos 68134 68213 B
Regan, Julie Financial Services Officer julie.regan 33343 33561 W
Rizakis, George Taxation Manager george.rizakis 68119 68213 B
Robinson, Pat Treasury Officer pat.robinson 68124 68213 B
Ryding, Eliza Financial Services Manager eliza.ryding 71114
68213 B
Savanah, Sylviane Financial Services Officer/Administrative Officer sylviane.savanah 46984 46826 B
Schinas, Jane Campus Finance Officer (M)/
Accounting Systems Officer
jane.schinas 68126 68213 B
Senanayake, Sanjay Senior Finance Manager sanjay.senanayake 72685 72682 G
Singh, Reshmi Financial Services Officer reshmi.singh 45529 N/A B
Sloane, Belinda Accounts Payable Officer belinda.sloane 71119 72682 G
Steer, Bronwyn Assets Clerk bronwyn.steer 72520 72682 G
Stewart, Roz Financial Services Officer roz.stewart 71146 72682 G
Tan, Jeffrey Management Accountant jeffrey.tan 68190 68123 B
Tantsis, Dimitra Financial Services Officer dimitra.tantsis 46249 46826 B
Todd, Elizabeth Accounts Payable Officer liz.todd 72686 72682 B
Trigg, Melinda Campus Finance Officer (Student Loans) melinda.trigg 33388 33561 W
Van Dreumel, Gill Accounts Payable Officer gill.vandreumel 71116 72682 G
Walker, Annie Campus Finance Officer (G) annie.walker 72978 72682 G

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5th May 2010