Bachelor of Arts

Course summary for local students

Year2015 course information
Award granted Bachelor of Arts
CampusOffered at Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Warrnambool
Length3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Faculty contacts

Arts and Education Student Services and Enrolment Enquiries

Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
Tel 03 5227 1359

Burwood (Melbourne)
Tel 03 9246 8100

Tel 03 5563 3489

Cloud (online)
Tel 03 5227 1359  

CRICOS course code012762C
Deakin course code A300

Course overview

As a Deakin Arts graduate you will develop some of the most important skills a student can gain at university. You will become expert at managing knowledge and communicating information and develop skills of critical analysis and systematic thinking.

The Bachelor of Arts provides the opportunity to develop an imaginative understanding and appreciation of the theory and practice of the social sciences, humanities and arts. It will also give you: an enhanced cultural sensitivity; skills and knowledge relevant to employment in the modern workforce; and an understanding of information technology tools and systems used in learning and employment.

The degree is structured in a way that offers maximum flexibility. It gives you the opportunities to pursue your own interests and design courses of study that suit your needs. You may study particular areas in-depth or undertake a wide range of units.

You are required to complete at least one major sequence chosen from a variety of study areas including performing and creative arts, languages, history, media and communication, and sociology. Up to one-third of the course may be taken outside the Faculty of Arts and Education, providing even greater possibilities for interesting course combinations.

Course rules

To qualify for the Bachelor of Arts a student must complete 24 credit points of study including:

  • an approved Arts major sequence of at least 8 credit points from the campus at which you are enrolled
  • no more than 8 credit points taken outside the course-grouped units for the BA (in effect this means that up to 8 credit points may be taken outside the recognised Faculty of Arts and Education major sequences)
  • no more than 10 credit points at level 1
  • at least 14 credit points at level 2 or above
  • 4 credit points at level 3

Transition to University study
The faculty offers two units AIX160 Introduction to University Study and ALW117 Professional Writing for Work, that are specifically designed to ease the transition into university study. New students are encouraged to enrol in one or both of these units in their first year.

Since several disciplinary studies are cumulative, in that knowledge, technical competencies, and, study and research skills develop across units, there are prerequisites that direct students to take some units before others. Students must seek advice from a course adviser before enrolling in units for which they do not have prerequisite or recommended units.

Assessment within the award of Bachelor of Arts varies from written assignments and examination to practical and technical exercises and performance. In some units assessment may also include class participation, online exercises, seminar exercises, and tests.

Cross-institutional arrangements
Continuing Deakin students may apply to study units offered by another Australian tertiary institution and have them credited to their Deakin University degree. Further information is available from Arts and Education Student Services and Enrolment Enquiries.