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Bachelor of Creative Arts (Animation and Motion Capture)

Course summary for local students

Award granted Bachelor of Creative Arts (Animation and Motion Capture)
CampusOffered at Burwood (Melbourne)
Length3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Faculty contacts

Arts and Education Student Services and Enrolment Enquirie

Burwood (Melbourne) 
Tel 03 9246 8100 



Course Director

Rose Woodcock, +61 3 925 17765, rosemary.woodcock@deakin.edu.au

Kim Vincs, +61 3 925 17663, kim.vincs@deakin.edu.au


Contact the Course Director for matters relating specifically to the academic content of this course - all enrolment related queries must go to the Student Services Office.

CRICOS course code077372B
Deakin course code A353

New course commenced 2013.

Course overview

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Animation and Motion Capture) provides you with creative and analytical skills in all aspects and types of animation and motion capture production. Specialising in 2D animation, 3D animation and/or motion capture, you are able to develop your own interests and skills, as well as gain a broad understanding of moving image, graphic and animation practice. You will explore animation practices such as time lapse, pixilation, 2D stop motion (hand drawn, cut-out, ink on glass, silhouette and cell camera animation), 3D stop motion (claymation, model and object camera animation), computer graphic animation (virtual geometry, 3D modelling and character rigging), and motion capture techniques (motion capture direction, post production and 3D animation pipeline). You will also develop skills in motion graphics, effects and compositing across a range of genres. The degree draws upon the unique resources and infrastructure of the Deakin Motion.Lab, as well as the industry expertise of the Deakin Motion.Lab staff who provide motion capture services to Australian game development and animation companies.
On completion of the degree you should have the ability to:

  • implement and manage all stages of production of a professional digital animation project   
  • develop a unique production path for a digital project for a variety of publication platforms   
  • think and write effectively about innovative moving image animation work and digital culture   
  • use advanced digital image production technologies   
  • work in collaborative and team settings on graphic moving image tasks   
  • work efficiently to deadlines in an industrial setting. 

Motion capture is now an integral part of the animation, film making, special effects and games design production workflow.

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Course rules

For students commencing from 2015:


To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Creative Arts (Animation and Motion Capture) a student must successfully complete 24 credit points including:

  • 15 credit points of core units
  • 9 credit points of electives
  • no more than 8 credit points taken outside the Faculty of Arts and Education
  • no more than 10 credit points at level 1

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Course structure

For students commencing from 2015:


Core units:

Level 1

Trimester 1

AMC101 Introduction to Motion Capture  

AMC100 Animation Narratives  (formerly ACM132)

AMC102 3D Animation 1: Screen Space, Layout, Landscape  (formerly ACM138)

ACC100 Creative Communications Practice  


Trimester 2

AMC104 Principles of Character Animation  (formerly ACM133)

ACC101 Creativity, Imagination and Dangerous Ideas  

2 Electives



AMC101 is available in Trimester 1, 2 and 3

AMC102 (formerly ACM138) is available in Trimester 1 and 2


Level 2

Trimester 1

AMC226 Character Design and Rigging for 3d  

AMC227 Content Creation for Game and Design Worlds  

AMC203 Effects, Graphics and Compositing  (formerly ACM225)

ACC200 Freelancing in the Arts  


Trimester 2

AMC204 3D Animation 2: Character and Performance   (formerly ACM240)

AMC202 Animating Motion  

2 Electives


Note: AMC227 is available in Trimester 1 and 2.


Level 3

Trimester 1

AMC300 Pre-Production & Project Pitch  (formerly ACM327)

AMC339 Documentary Animation  


AMC303 Advanced Motion Capture  

2 Electives


Trimester 1

AMC340 Major Creative Project  

3 Electives


This course has pathways from more than 20 Institutes of TAFE and universities in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Credit transfer and recognition is normally available from TAFE and university diplomas and advanced diplomas in arts, business, management, and humanities disciplines.  Students with graded advanced diplomas from TAFE or equivalent will be eligible for up to 12 credit points of electives.  Students with graded diplomas or equivalent from TAFE or equivalent will be eligible for up to 8 credit points of electives.  There is also a pathway from Deakin University's Associate Degree of Arts, Business and Sciences to this course with up to 16 credit points depending on units taken.

On completion of this course you may choose to apply for an Honours degree or postgraduate study. These studies normally provide professional qualifications directed to a particular career.  Students must have completed a major in the discipline or interdisciplinary area in which they wish to specialise in the honours course. Entry is based on a number of factors, including an average grade of Distinction or High Distinction in the Bachelor of Arts particularly in the discipline in which they want to study Honours and the availability of supervision.  Further honours information.

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Other Course Information


Assessment within the award of Bachelor of Creative Arts varies from written assignments and/or examination to practical and technical exercises and performance. In some units assessment may also include class participation, online exercises, seminar exercises and tests.


Cross-institutional arrangements
Continuing Deakin students may apply to study units offered by another Australian tertiary institution and have them credited to their Deakin University degree. Further information is available from Arts Student Services.


Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

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