Graduate Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages

Course summary for local students

Year2015 course information
Award granted Graduate Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages
Length 0.5 year full-time or part-time equivalent
Faculty contacts

Faculty of Arts and Education

Tel 03 9246 8100  or  03 5227 1359


Course Director

Dr Rod Neilsen, +61 3 924 45437,

Contact the Course Director for matters relating specifically to the academic content of this course - all enrolment related queries must go to the Student Services Office.

CRICOS course code026687E
Deakin course code E580

This course is an exit only course from 2012.

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Graduate Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (GC TESOL ) is a short-term focused study that forms part of and with a direct pathway into the Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL) which is designed to address the wide diversity of educational backgrounds of students who wish to teach English, and to meet their professional needs. This course is offered to Australian students working and/or intending to work overseas as TESOL teachers, students who are unable to leave their place of work or country and wish to study in Cloud (online) mode as well as international students who want to study TESOL in Australia. The course is open to qualified professionals including teachers, in the field of education and training.

This course offers the opportunity for students to critically interpret communication in intercultural contexts; develop skills in analysing their learners' language and English as an international language; and develop an understanding of the language teaching profession in a local and global context.

Professional recognition

GC TESOL is not an initial teaching qualification in Australia. If an applicant does not already hold a teaching qualification recognized in Victoria they cannot meet VIT requirements through undertaking this course.

Students who are qualified teachers and are eligible for Victorian Institute of Teaching registration are advised to enrol in the accredited teaching course E552 Graduate Certificate of Education (TESOL)to teach ESL in Australian schools.

Course rules

The GCTESOL is a 4 credit point exit-only course comprising 4 units of study (0.5 year full time or 1 year part time).

Students must have successfully completed any 4 MTESOL units.

Course structure

MTESOL units

Core units

Trimester 1

ECL751Pedagogy in the Globalised Language Classroom "

Trimester 2

ECL752Innovation in Language Curriculum "

Trimester 1, Trimester 2 or Trimester 3

ECL753Linguistics for Language Teaching "

Trimester 2 or Trimester 3

ECL756Discourse Analysis for Language Teaching "

Elective units

Trimester 1

ECL775Intercultural Communication in Language Classrooms "

ECL777Bilingualism and the Principles and Practices of Language Education "

Trimester 1 or Trimester 3

ECL773Learning Global English in Diverse Social Contexts "

Trimester 2

ECL774Learning An Additional Language "

ECL776Language Testing and Assessment "

EXE739Internationalising the Curriculum "

Trimester 3

ECL754Language Teaching Practice in Context "

Research units

EXR781Education Research Methodology "

EXR791Designing and Developing a Research Project "

EXR796Research Paper Part A "

EXR797Research Paper Part B "

EXR798Minor Thesis Part A "

EXR799Minor Thesis Part B "

Students commencing prior to Trimester 2 2012:

Refer to 2012 Handbook course entry for course rules and structure.

Students commencing between Trimester 2 2012 and Trimester 1 2015:

Refer to 2014 Handbook course entry for course rules and structure.

Teaching Methods

The course is offered by campus and Cloud (online) delivery in both full and part time mode. Students may choose to do units in either campus or Cloud (online), full or part time modes. The campus based units will be taught at Burwood (Melbourne). Students receive instructional materials offered through CloudDeakin and website links.

Interaction with lecturers and classmates is also provided through use of CloudDeakin, email and telephone links. Campus based units are normally delivered late afternoon through face-to-face teaching in scheduled classes at Burwood (Melbourne).


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