Master of Education (Teaching Languages other than English)

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2015 course information

Award granted Master of Education (Teaching Languages other than English)

Offered at Burwood (Melbourne) and Cloud (Online)

Length1 year full-time or part-time equivalent
Faculty contacts

Faculty of Arts and Education

Tel 03 9246 8100  or  03 5227 1359


Course Director

Michiko Weinmann, +61 3 924 46979,

Contact the Course Director for matters relating specifically to the academic content of this course - all enrolment related queries must go to the Student Services Office.

CRICOS course code027531F
Deakin course code E754
Formerly course code E731

Course sub-headings

Course overview

The Master of Education builds upon graduate certificates offered within the Faculty and, if undertaken with a research paper, may articulate to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

As a graduate of this course you will possess an understanding of contemporary education issues and discourses; have high-level critical and evaluative skills; translate into practice your experiences and understandings of the program; and select appropriate research methods and techniques for educational research projects.

From 2010, the MEd (TLOTE) is available by taking either a coursework, or the coursework with research paper for appellation pathway. It is designed for qualified and experienced teaching professionals who wish to reflect on, evaluate and critique their practice and who wish to develop their understandings of contemporary second language teaching in order to take on leadership roles in their workplace.

Alternatively, a  4 credit point Graduate Certificate of Education (Teaching Languages Other Than English) (E554) course is available for those who wish to exit early from this course.

Note: Approval for Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) endorsement is pending.

Professional recognition

Endorsed by Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) for specialist teaching.

International students and permanent residents

Graduates of this course who are intending to apply for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) will be required to demonstrate an IELTS of an average band score of 7.5 across all four skill areas where there is no score below 7 in any of the four skills areas and a score of no less than 8 in speaking and listening. You are advised to read the VIT's Qualification for Teachers Registration policy carefully which is available at: Further information

Course rules

To be awarded a Master of Education (TLOTE), students are required to successfully complete 8 credit points of study in one of two pathways:

  • Research pathway option. Students complete four specialist units and four credit points of research units, or
  • LOTE teaching option. Prior to 2011, students are required to successfully complete 3 core units (not ECL777) and 5 units selected from a list of specialised units for the appellation.  From 2011, students are required to successfully complete 4 core units and 4 units selected from a list of specialised units for appellation.

Alternatively, you may exit early with a E554 Graduate Certificate of Education (Teaching Languages Other Than English) after the successful completion of 4 credit points of study taken from a combination of generic and specialist units chosen in consultation with the course director.

Course structure

Core units
Trimester 1 or Trimester 2

ECL755Professional Practice in TESOL or LOTE

Trimester 1

ECL777Bilingualism and the Principles and Practices of Language Education

Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3

ECL753Linguistics for Language Teaching

And one of the following two units:

Trimester 1

ECL751Pedagogy in the Globalised Language Classroom

Trimester 2

ECL752Innovation in Language Curriculum

Note:ECL755 incorporates a practicum of 22 days of supervised teaching practice in LOTE, for those applicants who wish to meet Victorian Institute of Teaching requirements.

The type of practicum undertaken and the number of days satisfactorily completed will be identified on the student's transcript.

Units for appellation

ECL751Pedagogy in the Globalised Language Classroom

ECL773Learning Global English in Diverse Social Contexts

ECL775Intercultural Communication in Language Classrooms

ECL752Innovation in Language Curriculum

ECL756Discourse Analysis for Language Teaching

ECL774Learning An Additional Language

EXE739Internationalising the Curriculum

Research pathway

A research pathway by coursework/research paper of coursework/minor thesis is available in the Masters level course.

EXR781Education Research Methodology

EXR791Designing and Developing a Research Project

EXR796Research Paper Part A

EXR797Research Paper Part B

EXR798Minor Thesis Part A

EXR799Minor Thesis Part B

(i) EXR781 - where students have an equivalent research study and/or experience this unit may be replaced with another 1 credit point unit in consultation with the MEd course director.
(ii) EXR796/797 Research Paper Part A and Part B and Minor Thesis Part A and Part B may be available to complete within the same trimester, but only after consultation with the course director.
(iii) EXR796/797 is a 2 credit point unit undertaken in the LOTE area.

Teaching methods

Students receive instructional materials offered through CloudDeakin, CD-ROM and website links. Interaction with lecturers and classmates is also provided through use of CloudDeakin, email and telephone links.

Optional weekend study schools may also be available for some units. Campus based TLOTE units are delivered through face to face teaching in scheduled classes at Burwood (Melbourne).


Master of Education (TLOTE) students who successfully complete two credits of research method studies and a two credit point research paper, at an appropriate standard, may apply for entry into PhD studies.

Those who complete a Master of Education (TLOTE) by coursework alone, will be required to complete some level of research training at an appropriate standard before being accepted for doctoral studies.

Alternate exits

Graduate Certificate of Education (E500)
Graduate Certificate of Education (Teaching Languages other than English) (E554)

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