Master of Arts (Writing and Literature)

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Crossdisciplinary Study

A maximum of up to 4 cp of electives from Group 1

A minimum of at least 4 cp of electives from Group 2

Group 1 Electives

ALL743Foundations in Narrative Theory *

ALW740Foundations in Writing Craft and Practice *

ALL702Criticism of Literature for Children: A Variety of Approaches

ALL722Texts for Young Adults

ALW730Creative Nonfiction: the Personal Essay

ALW732Fiction Writing: Story, Structure and Starting Out

ALW734Script Writing A

ALL706Histories, Fictions

ALL727Contemporary Poetry

ALW729Writing for Communication Media


* It is recommended that students include either ALW740 or ALL743 or both in their first trimester of study.

Group 2 Electives

ALL701Retelling Myths and Tales: Classic to Contemporary

ALL708The Picture Book: Reading and Writing

ALL721Writing Fiction for Young Adults

ALW783Life Writing: Theory and Practice

ALW736Poetics of Writing A

ALW720Narrative Nonfiction: Stories of Place

ALW735Script Writing B

ALL705Short Stories: Writers and Readers

ALL755The Other Side of the World: Literature of Sadness - The Body - Mind in Crisis

ALL784Writing and Film

ACC717Law, Media and Communication (Formerly ALJ724)

ACA715Creative Enterprise Project


ACC700Communication and Creative Arts Internship

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