Bachelor of Health and Physical Education

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Details of discipline sequences


SLE111Cells and Genes

SLE132Biology: Form and Function


Choose one unit from the following:

SLE203Plant Biology



SLE155Chemistry for the Professional Sciences *

SLE210Chemistry the Enabling Science

Choose two units from the following:

SLE213Introduction to Spectroscopic Principles

SLE214Organic Chemistry

SLE235Chemical Systems

* SLE155 - Students without Year 12 Chemistry (or equivalent) are encouraged to complete SLE133 prior to SLE155.

Dance - (Burwood (Melbourne) students only)

ACD101Introduction to Contemporary Dance Practice A

ACD102Introduction to Contemporary Dance Practice B

ACD203Contemporary Dance Practice and History A

ACD204Contemporary Dance Practice and History B

Note: ACD203, ACD204 prerequisites apply.

Drama - (Burwood (Melbourne) students only)

ACP109Improvisation: Principles in Action

ACP177Genre and Performance

ACP280Major Performance Project: Page to Stage (2 credit points)


SIT192Discrete Mathematics

SIT194Introduction to Mathematical Modelling

SIT291Mathematical Methods for Information Modelling


Students may select from:



SIT292Linear Algebra for Data Analysis

For students who have not completed VCE Mathematical Methods 3 & 4:

SIT192Discrete Mathematics

SIT190Introductory Mathematical Methods

SLE251Research Methods and Data Analysis

SIT292Linear Algebra for Data Analysis




Select 2 units from the following:

AIA105Visions of Australia: Time and Space From 1700 to 2010

AIA106Populate Or Perish: Australia's People

AIH107World History Between the Wars 1919 - 1939

AIH108The World After the War: 1945 - 1991

Select a further 2 units from the following:

AIH205Sex and Gender in History

AIH238Australia and the Two World Wars

English - Literature

ALL101The Stories We Tell: Inventing Selves and Others

ALL102From Horror to Romance: Genre and Its Obsessions

Select 2 units from the following:

ALL201Love, Death and Poetry

ALL202Writing Modern Worlds

ALL260Australian Literature

ALL274Supernatural Literature

English - Children's literature

ALL153Literature for Children and Young Adults

ALL154Power Politics and Texts for Young People

ALL228The Golden Age in Children's Literature

ALL230Re-Imagining Literature for Young People

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