Bachelor of Commerce

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Course structure

Core units

MAA103Accounting for Decision Making

MAE101Economic Principles

MAE102The Global Economy

MAF101Fundamentals of Finance

MCA010Communication for Academic Studies (0 credit point unit)

MIS101Unit description is currently unavailable

MIS171Business Analytics

MLC101Business Law


MMH299Unit description is currently unavailable

MMK277Unit description is currently unavailable

Elective units

MIS291Community Based Volunteering A

MIS292Community Based Volunteering B

MIS293Work Based Learning

MIS390Business Internship A

MIS391Business Internship B

MIS393Team Based Learning B

MIS394Industry Based Learning in Business A

MIS395Industry Based Learning in Business B

MIS396Industry Based Learning in Business C

MIS397Industry Based Learning in Business D

MME101Business Academic Skills

MMM233Business and the Environment

MMM241Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MMM385Unit description is currently unavailable

MMP111Introduction to Property

MMS308Sport Marketing

SHD201Creating Sustainable Futures

SHD301Creating Sustainable Futures

Students are encouraged to join international study tours and to undertake internship units offered by the Faculty of Business and Law.

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