Bachelor of Commerce

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International Management - unit set code MJ-M30034

Burwood (Melbourne), Waterfront (Geelong)*, Cloud (online)

Business now operates in a dynamic global environment. Deakin has introduced this major sequence in response to the need for graduates who have the appropriate skills and knowledge to embrace this demanding and complex field.   You will focus on international managerial issues and the impact these global forces have on domestic business.

Career opportunities
This new major sequence responds to the ever-increasing complexities of international business in a dynamic and highly integrated world business environment. Graduates can expect to take on roles in industry, public or private sector, manufacturing, retail trade, agriculture locally or internationally.


MMM282Unit description is currently unavailable

MMM306Global Strategy and International Management

MMM385Unit description is currently unavailable

Plus one unit from:

MMH230Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

MMM262Unit description is currently unavailable

Plus one unit from:

MMH352International Human Resource Management

MMK358Unit description is currently unavailable

MMM343Business Ethics

MMM365Unit description is currently unavailable

* Waterfront (Geelong) students will be required to undertake units in Cloud (online) mode.

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