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Sustainable Business Management - unit set code MJ-M32503

Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

It is now widely recognised that sustainability and corporate social responsibility have become mission critical to all organizations.  This requires that organizations address the ‘three pillars’ or ‘triple bottom line’ of sustainability, and seek to reconcile environmental, social, and economic demands.  In order to achieve ‘sustainable development’ (i.e. ‘… development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’), sustainability will become embedded in the core strategies and operations of organizations globally.  This major sequence aims to equip future leaders with the knowledge, mindset and skills for them to be able to manage sustainability, in accordance with the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Management Education.  In doing so it focuses on developing an understanding of the globalised context of contemporary management, and approaches this from a cross-disciplinary perspective by drawing on philosophy, economics, and management theory.

MAE322The Economics of the Environment

MMH356Change Management

MMM233Business and the Environment

MMM240Organisational Behaviour

MMM241Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MMM313Corporate Social Responsibility

Professional Recognition/career opportunities

There are varied management careers which this major sequence could lead to including roles such as a Business Development Manager, a Business Operations Supervisor, a Procurement Manager, a Sustainability Product Manager, a Small Business Owner,  a Sustainability Consultant or a Sustainability Officer.

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