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* Freshwater Biology - unit set code MJ-S000067


Freshwater biology is the study of freshwater ecosystems and the relationships between freshwater organisms and their physical and chemical environment. Focused on understanding and managing rivers, lakes and wetlands, you will develop the knowledge and skills to manage freshwater ecosystems and resources, whilst participating in fieldwork opportunities and industry placements. Offered as a major sequence within the Bachelor of Science, freshwater biology at Deakin focuses on real-world problem-solving, and addresses the challenges facing Australia’s freshwater systems.

* The major sequence in Freshwater Biology is only available at the Warrnambool Campus. As such, students wishing to study freshwater biology are required to commence a Bachelor of Science at the Melbourne Burwood Campus or Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.  After one or two years of study, students must then complete the requirements of the Freshwater Biology major sequence at the Warrnambool Campus.

SLE263Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

SLE244Aquatic Ecology

SLE223Water Quality and Ecological Health

SLE348Freshwater Biology

SEV322Hydrology and Hydraulics

SLE304Geographic Information Systems: Uses in Aquatic Environments

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