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EEG702 - Professional Learning in International Contexts

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Year2015 unit information
Enrolment modes:Trimester 2: Cloud (online)
Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:J Allen




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Teachers' work and professional learning are aspects of the processes of internationalisation of education and the changing nature of professionalism in globalised knowledge economies. For those managing international schools, the issue is one of attracting and retaining high quality teachers. Both teachers and leaders have to negotiate indigenous/expatriate relationships within local industrial relations and legal requirements. At the same time, rising expectations of teachers requires them to be learners, researchers and networkers, implementing research based policy and practice. This unit is about the formation and maintenance of teacher professional identities as learners and leaders managing portfolio careers and lifestyles within international teacher labour markets. The unit draws on the emerging field of cross-national education sociology, post colonial critical and feminist theorists of internationalisation and global economies and cultures to inform student's analyses of these macro concerns on the micro workings of systems and individual schools.
The unit provides the means to design strategic approaches to professional learning. It will address issues such as

  • the 'brain drain' of professionals from one country to others

  • developing strategic networks and skills within complex local/global relations

  • professional learning in contexts of cultural diversity

  • change management and building school cultures and teams through professional learning

  • assessing teachers' professional learning needs in international contexts and relating it to improved student learning outcomes


The assessment comprises of two assignments, both essays (50% of total grade each) 3000 words each, with possible negotiation on the nature of the second assignment to meet specific circumstances. These will be assessed against criteria outlined in the unit guide and will include some indication of involvement of online participation.

Assignment 1: From your readings and reflections on your teaching and educational context, discuss the professional issues that relate to teachers as a result of globalisation in its various manifestations. What are the implications of these issues for teachers' professional learning in international contexts, and how do these articulate in your local context?

Assignment 2: Develop a professional development plan for your school / educational institution, catering for the specific needs of staff, and taking into account site-based priorities, contextual influences and cultural differences.

Unit Fee Information

Student Contribution Rate*Student Contribution Rate**Fee rate - Domestic Students Fee rate - International students

* Rate for all CSP students, except for those who commenced Education and Nursing units pre 2010
** Rate for CSP students who commenced Education and Nursing units pre 2010
Please note: Unit fees listed do not apply to Deakin Prime students.

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