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EEL700 - Knowledge Creation in the Media Age

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Year2017 unit information
Offering information:

Not offered 2017

Reoffered in Trimester 2: Cloud (online) in 2018 subject to School approval

Enrolment modes:
Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:

Anne Cloonan





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Expectations that teachers integrate technology into curriculum are written into policy and curriculum documents at state and national level. Information and support is needed to help teachers meet the challenges of new technologies, to learn more about multimodal texts and literacy and to develop informed and critical approaches to literacy and new technologies. This unit considers various textual representations of professional practice (e.g. textbooks, websites, and narrative inquiry) in and explores teachers’ own capacities to plan and draft a representation of their professional practice, including in multimodal ways. Participants will be supported to share these representations with members of the educational community via self-publishing or through traditional publishing avenues.


There are two assessment tasks for this unit, one focusing on developing a proposal and draft discussing an aspect of professional practice and the second designing a representation of the professional practice – in print or multimodal form – for sharing with a community of practice. For the first task, participants will consider the kinds of ways such practice can be represented; undertake a study of a particular area of their practice; and develop a proposal and draft representation. The second task requires students to develop the proposal and draft into representation of their professional practice that can be shared with a community of educational practice.

Assignment 1: 2000-2400 words (40%)

Assignment 2: 3000-3600 words (60%)

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